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Anything Else / Re: Random Post
« Last post by vis on August 02, 2021, 05:13:12 AM »
You can also request within your fortress to team with another team, to have 30 players, obviously there will be more revs to win the game RS3 Accounts, you must get to a area where revs respawn, bring all the attackers there and take down the tunnel in which the defender revenants are waiting for you, (they will respawn randomly). Rate each chapter and make a comment on the chapters you should include.

Level 95 Slayer Monster. What are the qualities that make a beast that is good? Good drops regularly or very high drops. This new monster is a welcome addition to Slayer repitoirs. This staff is more strong than the famous master wand! It's also extremely uncommon to find it on the ge at 20 mil coins. It is unique because of this. You can cast a spell at any level, as long as the staff is either classic or ancestral. The probability is determined through...

Magic level/10 over 10. That means that when you reach 99 Magic you have a 1/10 chance of the effect activating and this could be changed by using seercull and pots however. The effect of the spell on ananceints only applies to the stronger spell. Blood Barrage is a healing barrage, not blast.

By using smoke barrage, the opponent's attack will be cut by 15%. Poisons for 4 will lower the health of the caster by 25%. The caster's health could be frozen for 20 seconds. Smoke burst could also reduce the opponent's attack by 10 percent Buy OSRS Fire Cape. Poisons for 2 will bring the health of the caster back to 25% and then they'd be frozen for 10 seconds.
NBA 2K22 will be released globally on September 10th, however pre-orders have already been taken. In recent years, NBA 2k has been the most original in games for sports. It will be fascinating to see what they have in store for their next version NBA 2K Coins. The game has had recent additions like The Neighborhood and WNBA players and has allowed players to play games that are different from the standard NBA game.

Abdul-Jabbar gives Carmelo Anthony the first-ever award for social justice. Abdul-Jabbar The player who is not only one of the most outstanding basketball players of all time in the world, but also one the most prominent social justice champions, was awarded the NBA's first ever social justice award named after Abdul-Jabbar. Carmelo Anthony, a Portland Trail Blazers veteran received the award by Abdul-Jabbar.

Kevin Durant leaves his ex-Warriors teammate, and chooses to join two Lakers instead. The current team of Team USA isn't as impressive as the team of athletes that made up the 1992 United States men’s Olympics team. The team was led by Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. The 2021 Americans aren't terrible, though.

Nets superstar Kevin Durant leads a group which includes Jayson Tatum, Damian Lillard and Devin Booker. COVID-19's protocols caused Team USA to lose their training. The team's Friday game against Australia was pulled back Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. The team is prepared to play in the Tokyo Olympics on July 25 and will begin taking on France.
Turok General Discussion / Here is what to get excited about in PSO2 Episode 5
« Last post by nfkjasfas on July 27, 2021, 03:54:06 AM »
The launch of PSO 2 New Genesis should take place in June 2021. Which payment version does the game use? Both PSO 2 along with the new variant New Genesis are Free2Play. You finance yourself via a real money store PSO2 NGS Meseta, in which you will find a few useful relaxation items such as additional bank and stock spaces, however no direct Pay2Win.

Can you begin from scratch using New Genesis? Yes, entry is possible without any previous understanding. And this entry can be quite rewarding for MMORPG fans, since Sega has gone additional ways with the new part.

Most importantly, PSO two New Genesis convinces with its dynamic combat and movement systems. Therefore, if you're in the mood for action-packed conflicts against huge bosses, you ought to keep an eye on New Genesis.

This YouTube video of mine Provides you a first insight to the sport, in which I recorded the very first hour of this game in the beta: What does New Genesis offer when it comes to character development? In PSO two New Genesis you can make a character from 4 different races: Humans, Newmans, CASTs and Deumans. For players new to Phantasy Star, the races seem very similar. Deumans buy meseta pso2 ngs, by way of instance, are individuals who have horns instead of ears.Here is what's new.
After a One Year wait, V2.6 Finally sees it's long-awaited release! This Version brings in some guest characters, and some changes with them. It's not just them, too: Some changes to the base mod itself are also made.

The Hyperdimension Neptunia, Castlevania (Both of Which are unused for a while anyway) and Fairy Fencer F Characters has been removed. (Fun Fact: The Persona 1 and Castlevania Characters were added during Development for V2.6, but they are removed before the Final Release due to my Interest in these series drying out at the time).
Fixed the Emaciator's bobbing being screwed up.
Added a Intermission picture and music. In Turok Rage Wars's case, It's the same music and picture as before.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.
The Console now has a custom background.
Turok 1 Tal-Set and Turok 2 Joshua Fireseed now start with their Pistols from their games instead of starting with the Mag 60. If they die while holding these, They will drop a Mag 60 instead.
Knife, Talon and War Blade now use the updated sprites.
The Mod now has a new Logo. This, however, only changes the 'M_DOOM' Graphic, As the title and Console Background will still show the old logo.
Added Prisoner 849 and UT Soldier to the roster.
If Any Character outside of Rage Wars/TF2 grab the Ammo Packs and use them, They will be given a Special weapon for it. Just like with the Pistols, If they die while holding these weapons, They will drop a weapon that is based off of that weapon type they are holding. But yeah, The Easter Egg weapons make a return, although limited to only one class.
Although nothing to do with the mod itself, the 'Easter Egg Weapon Found' lines in the 'Sndinfo' file has been removed.
Updated the Character Lore.
You can no longer give yourself weapons outside of Rage Wars and the custom weapons based off of that game via using 'IDFA', 'IDKFA', 'give weapons' or 'give all'. Typing in 'give everything' will still grant you these weapons, though (This is due to Engine Limitations).
All Items are tagged, so the names are now 'Name' instead of 'TKRWName'.
All of the Weapon Icons has been updated.
The Mech Raptor's Plasma Arm Cannon now has unlimited ammo.
Updated the Credits screen.
The Super Ammo Pack With a Nuke inside it's text has been changed so it says 'Super Weapon' instead of 'Nuke'. On top of that, It's more likely to spawn. Due to this change, The Nuke no longer spawns by itself, Due to the Guest Character's own Super weapons.
The Frag Tag Characters are now made unselectable (Due to the fact that when using Random select, there's a chance you might end up as one of them, which can leave you a easy target). They are still in the mod, though.
When Turok 2 Joshua dies while holding the War Blade, He will drop the Warhammer instead of dropping nothing.
Nerfed the Flare Gun's Alt Fire by making it's damage non-randomized.
Added the Weapon Lore, but it is unfinished.

I also updated the addons to reflect the V2.6 Changes, and I also made a new addon for players who want only the weapons from Rage Wars and it's custom weapons called 'Disable Guest Character Weapons'.

Turok Dinosaur Hunter / Re: Favorite weapon?
« Last post by thebestmlTBM on July 19, 2021, 08:33:17 PM »
Y'know, out of all the weapons I like in the Turok Games, my most favorite is the Emaciator from Turok: Rage Wars.
Turok Rage Wars / Re: Turok RW Mouse Input
« Last post by FX on July 12, 2021, 01:34:43 PM »
Sorry to post my problems here but I don't know this Mupen64Plus works on Windows 10, I'm used to Project64 and I downloaded the Mupen64Plus and I see a application in the folder "mupen64plus-ui-console" but when I open it, it will just close down again, I really wanna try this mouse hack but just can't figure out how to work this thing.
it doesn't open because it's the console UI, you click and drag your rom on to the .exe

Thanks! I have a few graphical glitches but nothing game-breaking.  I tried setting up controls but I'm way to stupid to do it so I'm hoping here someone posts there config.  Left-Click doesn't seem to shoot but the mouse works, trying to get it as basic as a fps as possible.

WASD for movement, Mouse for Looking Around, Left Click for Shooting, Space for Jump, Q/E for A/B, and Enter for Start.

EDIT: I got everything to work! changed the graphics plugin to "Glide64mk2", does anyone know how to change the resolution? it's so small.  I found in the config for "Glide64mk2" on-top it shows resolutions you can use but how do I actually change it to that?
Glad you got your Controls and GUI fixed lol, it happens with some video plugins, unfortunately you cannot bind two keys to the same function.
if you don't know, in game you can go to player options and change weapon switching from wheel to tap, makes it so much easier.

To change your resolution you go to your mupen64plus.cfg search for General-Video, you'll see screen height and screen width, you change them according to your desired resolution (obviously), you can also enable fullscreen.

I am curious if you are getting 60fps, I saw somewhere on this forum that OP said it's 60fps but I'm still running at 30.
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