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V1.2 has been released! After about 6 Months in Development Hell, It's back with a new update! Why? I found my N64 Cart of Turok 2 after so many years. As a reward, you get a small update!

Shredder's Effects now go away faster, to try to fix problems with the FPS Drops and Deathmatch.
Fixed the War Blade turning into the MP Assault Rifle while using it with the Berserk Pack.
Smoke Effects has been re-added (I forgot to add it in V1.1 by mistake).
Although not touching the gameplay, the 'Old Stuff' folder has finally been removed.
Removed the old taunt code.
Added the Multiplayer Scorpion Launcher from the PC Version of the game. This marks the first time I imported a weapon done in a 640x480 Res, Which can help me later on when I do more sprites like that.
More work has been done on the Weapon Lore.
You can now akimbo Pistols and Magnum Pistols for double the fire power! Although if you don't like it, There's a Addon for that so you can choose if you want it or not.
Picking up the Ammo Expander no longer fills Flame Gun Ammo by 300.
Updated the Credits Screen.
Made the Assault Rifle's Firing sound louder.

I also done a few new addons as well: But I am too much of a rush to write some info for them.

After a One Year wait, V2.6 Finally sees it's long-awaited release! This Version brings in some guest characters, and some changes with them. It's not just them, too: Some changes to the base mod itself are also made.

The Hyperdimension Neptunia, Castlevania (Both of Which are unused for a while anyway) and Fairy Fencer F Characters has been removed. (Fun Fact: The Persona 1 and Castlevania Characters were added during Development for V2.6, but they are removed before the Final Release due to my Interest in these series drying out at the time).
Fixed the Emaciator's bobbing being screwed up.
Added a Intermission picture and music. In Turok Rage Wars's case, It's the same music and picture as before.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.
The Console now has a custom background.
Turok 1 Tal-Set and Turok 2 Joshua Fireseed now start with their Pistols from their games instead of starting with the Mag 60. If they die while holding these, They will drop a Mag 60 instead.
Knife, Talon and War Blade now use the updated sprites.
The Mod now has a new Logo. This, however, only changes the 'M_DOOM' Graphic, As the title and Console Background will still show the old logo.
Added Prisoner 849 and UT Soldier to the roster.
If Any Character outside of Rage Wars/TF2 grab the Ammo Packs and use them, They will be given a Special weapon for it. Just like with the Pistols, If they die while holding these weapons, They will drop a weapon that is based off of that weapon type they are holding. But yeah, The Easter Egg weapons make a return, although limited to only one class.
Although nothing to do with the mod itself, the 'Easter Egg Weapon Found' lines in the 'Sndinfo' file has been removed.
Updated the Character Lore.
You can no longer give yourself weapons outside of Rage Wars and the custom weapons based off of that game via using 'IDFA', 'IDKFA', 'give weapons' or 'give all'. Typing in 'give everything' will still grant you these weapons, though (This is due to Engine Limitations).
All Items are tagged, so the names are now 'Name' instead of 'TKRWName'.
All of the Weapon Icons has been updated.
The Mech Raptor's Plasma Arm Cannon now has unlimited ammo.
Updated the Credits screen.
The Super Ammo Pack With a Nuke inside it's text has been changed so it says 'Super Weapon' instead of 'Nuke'. On top of that, It's more likely to spawn. Due to this change, The Nuke no longer spawns by itself, Due to the Guest Character's own Super weapons.
The Frag Tag Characters are now made unselectable (Due to the fact that when using Random select, there's a chance you might end up as one of them, which can leave you a easy target). They are still in the mod, though.
When Turok 2 Joshua dies while holding the War Blade, He will drop the Warhammer instead of dropping nothing.
Nerfed the Flare Gun's Alt Fire by making it's damage non-randomized.
Added the Weapon Lore, but it is unfinished.

I also updated the addons to reflect the V2.6 Changes, and I also made a new addon for players who want only the weapons from Rage Wars and it's custom weapons called 'Disable Guest Character Weapons'.


Great work as always.
But does this include Weapons from all the Turok Games together or just Turok 1?

As this is a remake of TurokDoom, Weapons from Turok 1 and Turok 2 are included.

The Mod has been released! Turokdoom: REMIX is an updated and remade version of Murden64's TurokDoom. Think this mod as Filler for my bigger works.

While Murden64's TurokDoom was a pretty good mod and a throwback to the first two Turok games, There are some issues that felt dated by today: Like the weapon sprites, sound effects, and other stuff. This Version aims to fix all of that.


- The Shredder has been replaced with the Auto Shotgun. This is because the Shredder, while good, didn't suit the Turok 1 Theme this mod was going for, While the Auto Shotgun was a better fit for it.
- The Enemies in Raptor Invasion have two times their HP. They also now use the Turok 2 Raptor Sounds.
- The Dum-Dum rounds has been removed (They will return in a later update, though).
- All of the Weapons and Ammo has been replaced with the ones from the Turok Weapon Project.


Finally, After about 6 Months of Development Hell, V1.1 has FINALLY been released! The Journey into the new lost Lands begins. The Single Player content has been brought back, and is better than ever. Originally this was going to be a simple update to fix some holes, but thanks to me taking a long time to release it, It was turned into something different.

The MP Assault Rifle no longer has the sucky firing flashes.
Fixed the MP AR firing bullets even when the firing flashes don't appear.
The Fireborn should now be unable to be hurt by any fire/lava attacks just like in the original game.
Fixed the MP Bore playing the Put Away animation upon firing it.
The biggest change is that all of the Single Player weapons are back, and all of their sprites has been redone. Although the lighting can still change on some sprites, at least it's not as bad as it was before.
Added in the Console Background.
Almost all of the SP weapons got a fire rate boost to make them closer to the Original game.
Just like with the Particle Accelerator, The Charge Dart Rifle has been disabled for the time being, though for a different reason: The mod has been delayed enough as it is and trying to code in the weapon will pump up the development time even more as I already spent tons of months working on and off on it. I do however redid the sprites, so when the time comes for me to include it, I will use them. Note that this only applies to the Single Player Version of the weapon: The Multiplayer Version will still remain useable and will spawn in the SP Weapon Set for now.
Ammo pickups for the Flare Gun has been added.
Tek Bow's Tek Arrows can FINALLY stick to enemies now.
The MP Charge Dart Rifle's shots now make sound when they bounce.
The Flame Thrower is no longer a cheap bootleg version of itself.
The Bore (Both SP and MP) now works just like the real thing instead of being a cheap bootleg version of itself.
The Nuke's blades dealing damage has been removed.
The Nuke, Razor Wind and Torpedo Launcher now animate when they are idle.
Improved the Plasma Rifle Effects. I will plan to do the same to the other weapons in later Versions.
Added CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as the first Guest Character in the mod.
Due to the SP Weapons being brought back, All the characters now have the SP Loadout again.
The MP Weapons now have 'MP' in their names.
Added more Turok 2 Cheats. All but one of them however don't do anything.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.


V1.3 has been released. Sorry if it took me a while to release it, But it's something, at least.

Buffed DY357 Magnum's damage. To make up for this, though, the Magnum ammo is now less likely to spawn.
Buffed the Tranquilizer's main firing mode: It now does more damage and now spawns in the Plasma Rifle Spot.
Buffed the Shotgun a little bit.
Rockets, Grenades and Crossbow Bolts should no longer have hitbox issues when trying to aim them.
Fixed a bug where when you duck while playing as the Simulant, he will have Doom's sprites for it, although glitched.
Fixed the Devastator going into one frame of the ready animation after firing it as well as reloading it. (While I was playtesting it, It had a worse version of that glitch where after you finished reloading it, GZDoom will freeze up, which happened to me two times in a row and resulted in lost of progress)
Fixed a bug where if the Simulant dies, he will use the wrong sprite when the animation finishes.
Added a Intermission picture and music. In Perfect Dark's case, It uses the same picture as winning a match in Zan, But it now uses the 'Mission Completed' theme, with the theme for winning a match in Zan now using the 'Multiplayer Completed' theme.
Fixed the Farsight using the Default Kill Message upon killing someone with it in deathmatch.
The Mod's name is now shown while GZDoom/Zan is loading up.
The Console now uses the wallpaper background from Perfect Dark's Website. I used the 'Bullets are a Girl's best friend.', as that looks cooler.


Cybermind's Jedi Knight Mod was great. It brings in a lot of Stuff from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, But the problem lies is that
it reused Sprite Resources from Dark Forces 1 (Which has been done to death already) and some design choices can be lazy. So what I did to make
this good mod even better? take it and give it an update, adding in some things and fixing up some issues with the mod. This is Jedi Knight: Reborn.

This mod is in BETA, since I am releasing it so I can give feedback of how things can be improved.


- All Weapons now use Sprites taken from Dark Forces 2, And some fire rates has been changed up.
- The JK Fists and Bowcaster are added. The Former is because in the Original Mod, Doom's Fist is reused, which screams laziness right there.
So I decided to port over the JK Version of the Weapon. The latter is because no sprites were made for it, and it was left out as a result.
- All force powers are removed.
- Multiplayer Classes from MOTS are added.


I just remembered something. Did you ever thought about making a Gun Mod from the South Park 64 Game?
I´m talking about this here:
I think it uses the same Engine as Turok 1 or 2 and was also made by Acclaim.
While i don´t know how hard the process at making this Weapon Packs (i bet they are much work), i believe that when the Game is in the same Engine as the other Turoks for which you already worked on, makes this a little "easier".
What do you think about it?

What are your thoughts about it yet?

I would think about porting Weapons from South Park FPS, So it's very likely.

V1.2 has been released. Not much has changed, but some little bit of changes here and there.

Removed the RTNP Weapons since Marisa is going to make her own (And much better) take on the RTNP Weapons, But.... How long it will take?
Removed the U1 Player sounds so the Original Doomguy sounds can be restored.
Stinger, ASMD, Eightball, Razorjack, GES Bio Rifle and Minigun now use the weapon switch sound from Turok: Rage Wars.

Starting with this release, I will host the download files on Mediafire instead of MEGA.

EDIT: V1.3 has been released. Originally a V1.2.1 Update, This one has enough changes to make it a V1.3 Release.

Fixed almost all of the weapons lacking any Kill messages in Deathmatch.
Fixed the ASMD Alt Fire Orbs able to Reflect enemy projectiles.
All of the Weapon Actors now have Gezzdt's name before the weapon name, so when using War Trophies, They shouldn't have the same kills as the Doomreal Weapons of the same actor name.
Changed up some weapon spawner spots around.
You can now choose if you want to start with an Automag or without.
Fixed a bug with the Razorjack and Flak Cannon's Shots that if they bounce around, Anyone killed by them will result in them dying without a kill being awarded to the attacker if in Deathmatch, or the kill not counting in Single Player if War Trophies is used.
Dispersion Pistol Powerups no longer has the 'You got a pickup' message upon picking them up.
Brought the player sounds back.
Fixed most of the weapon sounds being cutted off just by jumping.
Buffed Bio Rifle's Alt Fire Damage.
Added 'FORCEXYBILLBOARD' to most of the effects so they don't look like paper.

I also released two new addons as well: Old Sounds and Enemy Pack. The Former changes the SFX to the ones from the Unpatched/Beta Versions, while the latter adds in custom enemies that use the same weapons the player does.

Starting with this release, The downloads will now lead you to the folder where you can download the mod itself and the addons.

The MP Low Detail Weapons Addon has been released.

I also added in the Info for the addons, As well. These are:

Auto-Taunts: Makes nearly all of the Characters taunt upon scoring Kills. Like always, This is for GZDoom only.

Disable L4D Voices: This Addon disables the L4D Character's Lines when picking up weapons and reloading, so that way when using 'IDFA', 'IDKFA' or 'give all' Cheats, You don't have to deal with suddenly having Ellis's Voice if you are not playing as him.

MP Low Detail Weapons: This Addon makes all of the Nintendo 64 Weapons use the Appearances from the Multiplayer Mode in their Low Detail glory (This means low poly models, no reloading animations and no hands). Note that only the N64 Weapons will spawn as the PS Weapons are disabled while using this addon.

N64 Weapons Only: This Addon makes it so only the weapons from the Nintendo 64 Version will spawn. All PS Weapons will be disabled.

PS Weapons Only: This Addon makes it so only the weapons from the PlayStation Version will spawn. All N64 Weapons will be disabled.

Prototype Weapons: This Addon makes all of the Nintendo 64 Weapons use the Appearances/sounds/models from the early development build of the game. This also changes up some of the sound effects as well. Note that only the N64 Weapons will spawn as the PS Weapons are disabled while using this addon.

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