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I decided to leave this community due to my cousin allowing me to use his discord account
at his house to see what they have posted about me and mocking me.

I decided to not make this port due to these people not stopping at all
to make my life depressed.

This video will help most of the community see through the lies and
me being trolled and setup from day one of the dramas that went down
over a month ago.

I will never get my recognition that I deserve as long as the retards are still
here causing pointless drama and mocking of my content.

I hope that night dive will make a port of Turok 3 maybe they will who knows
and there is a bit of short luck that Drahsid and the others might make a remake but I doubt it
they are too lazy to do that but not lazy enough to mock my content and hate speech about me.

Anyway, thanks for being there supporting me through my goals and projects most of this community is awesome
and cool as f*ck not said on a group of them that is not you know the ones I am talking about.

Bye and here is the video: Exposing their comments and hate speech and crap on the discord.
note: due to the protection of the cousins discord account I recorded only the chat part so they do not go after his name on the discord.

Video here:

I'm on ep2 which is out now
episodes 1 through 2 out now go check them out here:

The reason for the series is I wanted the community to see the progress on my port from start to finish.
So I took the liberty to start over and work from the ground up for you guys.

Note: Any mocking or hate speech comments I receive as of now I am hiding each user from the channel that only
comment with the wrong intentions to cause drama or issues in my channel.
This keeps the peace in my channel and needs to stay that way.
Thanks for understanding.

There was some mocking comments and hate speech on my series and other vids but as of now they have silenced so
I decided to keep the series up and running as of now seems no new hate or mocking comments have surfaced:

Next Episode (EP3) Creating the Dumper Tool for the Turok 3 Assets.

What's going to be in this episode?

We are disassembling the Turok 3 ROM and looking for and where the assets could be located
Next, we are going to access the address in memory where the file with the assets compressed is stored.
Next, we will create a dumper tool to dump the file from the ROM.
Next, we will then load the compressed file up in the disassembler and export it to .c
Then reverse engineer the File and locate the files inside and Create a Dumper tool to decompress it and dump those files out of the File found in the Asset FILE
That's what's planned so a longer vid for this episode so stay tuned for a release video (Ep3) later on in the coming weeks' thanks.

Anything Else / Updating this Post When I got something to show.
« on: May 25, 2020, 09:21:35 PM »
Be back later on with the stuff.

"Updated Post"::

Hey, Turok folks I am doing a Development Stream Every Saturday & Sunday for now on.
So you all can come to watch every dev stream and watch the port be complete from start to finish.
My videos are achieved so you can go back and watch them if you want too.
It is cool to see the dev complete something on stream from start to finish which is awesome.

Working on the PC-Port of Turok 4 evolution.
I already reverse-engineered The Gamecube Version's Functions I need to imitate.

We are working on the game functions now.
We already have DirectX Setupped and ready with a fullscreen window.

Come here:  I am live Every Saturday && Sunday at 8:30 PM US-EST-TIME "Come in and hang and chat and watch the port come to life from start to finish and if you have any questions come on over and chat ill answer"

Well, let us take a min to think about this before we post.

You are right it needs to emulate or imitate hardware but its not that easy when you are emulating hardware on windows that your OS needs to call drivers to access functions to do pacific tasks which your hardware as well plays a massive roll in getting graphics sound processing power and storage space to save your files to.

But we cannot emulate hardware like we do on the N64 or other game consoles the OS and hardware is too rebuse on windows which comes with a massive undertaking which explains why others want to critique the comment which is understanding but I will try to clarify things up for you.

So, lets start with the trick or approach taking in this massive undertaking which is a first in history on emulation virtual culture.

First Understand I don't like to program the same way that you may take an undertaking on this project I like to reinvent the wheel which is why I get so much community either hating me thinking I'm fake or stalking my posts dying to see more on what I do. So that being said I'm about to probably lose you in this but that's okay if you still don't get this.

Let us talk about the first part of this project:


This is a major purpose it has a massive roll to play in making everything
work as intented.

What is RXOS this is a Virtual OS that handles the emu's major tasks.
What are these massive important tasks.

This makes all the functions that do virtual exploded calls as intended.

This takes all functions and gives them a proper thread to handle there own exploded tasks without taking to many resources and helps with performance greatly when the emulator is accessing these drivers that hold the important functions that make the emulator work as intended.

This Function helps the Emulator handle each driver that needs to be called executed.

This Function has the so-called secret sauce?
This function is very important it takes a CPU, GPU, SOUNDCARD, RAM HDD, SATA DRIVE And creates a template for each and then there is a series of functions for each feature of these default hardware templates that allows us to get a duplicate of what these named hardware's are able to have so it saves us time reverse-engineering these named hardware's which is illegal
properly execute these hardware's through drivers so the RXOS knows what to call and handle when a game is hosted in the emulator. This is a basic interpretation so I won't give anymore about this right now.

This Function handles and executes resources from the hosted emu machine and executes properly without corruption.

This function handles and displays and renders data to the client its simple sh*t from here easy to understand.


This function handles the Audio and executes it properly when the RXOS needs to call it.

This function allows the user to create a standard or admin account in which these different account types have limited functionality to the emulator so like saving your game progress or saving to config files ezt.


This function handles exe extensions and calls and executes game executables through the hosted RXOS.

This Function handles the hardware that is being executed and called on by the RXOS.

This function handles .libs and .dlls from direct versions then executes series of functions required by the hosted game executable.

This function handles .libs and .dlls from OpenGL versions then executes series of functions required by the hosted game executable.

This function handles .libs and .dlls from Vulkan versions then executes series of functions required by the hosted game executable.

This function starts up the RXOS and properly gets everything up and running ready to be called executed and emulated as intended.

This function updates the RXOS and emulator according to the User input to hosted data or hosted data types.

This function resets the emulator to its default configuration incase you f*ck up and need to start fresh.

17. OSNET:
This function has not been coded yet. "no comment on this"

This function has not been coded yet. "no comment on this"

So, this is the Basics of The RXOS and what you need to know.

Now its talk about the ClientServer Project:

This is the hosted emulator that handles and calls every driver resource or file intended to host a game through the emulator with these emulated hardware templates. And then it has a stored Folder for each game you intend to host which you have to make a folder with the name of the game's executable and copy and paste the entire game root folder contents inside of the sub-folder you created so the emulator can host this data as intended which if you don't do it a certain way it will through an error and give you a helpful tip to fix this issue. Simple explanation.

Let us talk now about template hardware's
So for each hardware type, I will tell what it will emulate with set features.

1. RTX 2080 TI Super 11gbs Vram GPU: "DEFAULT TEMPLATE"

Memory Speed: [14000 MHz]

Graphics Coprocessor: [NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti]

Graphics Card Ram Size: [11 GB]



2. Intel Core i9-9900KF Desktop Processor: "DEFAULT TEMPLATE"

Processor: [3.6 GHz Core i9]

RAM: [128 GB]

Memory Speed: [3600 MHz]

Processor Count: [8]




RAM: [32GB DDR4]

Memory Speed: [3200 MHz]

Processor Count: [8]

Computer Memory Type: [DDR4 SDRAM]

Voltage: [1.35 volts]



4. Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5: "DEFAULT TEMPLATE"

32-bit: [384kHz]

Playback: [122dB DNR]




RAM: [6GB]

Hard Drive: [Solid State Hard Drive]

ProcessorCount: [6]

FlashMemorySize: [1]

DigitalStorageCapacity: [1TB]

HardwareInterface: [SATA 6.0 Gb/s]

DataTransferRate: [6 gigabits_per_second]



6. Seagate IronWolf 14TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD: "DEFAULT TEMPLATE"

FlashMemorySize: [14 TB]

HardDriveRotationalSpeed: [7200 RPM]

CacheMemoryInstalledSize: [64.0 MB]

DigitalStorageCapacity: [14 TB]

HardDiskRotationalSpeed: [7200 rpm]

HardwareInterface: [SATA 6.0 Gb/s]

Size: [14TB]

Now know this we are not accurately emulated these named hardware only creating a base hardware template that the RXOS will think is a proper hardware type CPU, GPU, HDD, SATA, SOUNDCARD, RAM and execute its features as intended which is the Secret Sauce.

I just name these hardware's with these names based on what default Templates intend to emulate with set features from each hardware emulated or imitated.

So, this is the basics of this project which is a lot.
Hope it clarified some questions up and I know I did not talk about
some advanced stuff even with the hardware templates but you can
assume I have good intentions right now as of why.

All you see here is finished Except the hardware templates which all my code is done except that
I will link my source code when I am done and got a release until then don't ask! It prevents drama which I don't give a crap about.
I can show some screenshots here: ,
Thanks and stay tuned for more updates.

"" Image link Here: ""

I'm hard at work on Porting the Turok 3 Shadows of Oblivion N64 Game to PC.
And, I've got the new engine 30% or more Done

List of Features:

Adjustable FOV
Mouse and Keyboard Support
Mouse Look
DirectX 11 Support
Venum 3D Support - New Algorithm's
MultiThreading Support
Spacial Ray Tracing Support - New Algorithm
HD 4k Textures Support
New Lighting Mechanics
New Shadow Mechanics
New Graphic Options
Bloom Support
HDR Support
Reflections Support - Optional Support
New Window Resolutions Support
4K Native Game Resolution Support
New Sound Drivers Support
New Sound Devices - New Algorithm
Performance Fixes
Key Bined Controls Support
Better AI Adjustments
Player movement speed increase
And Much More - To Be Added

So, there is still much coding and work to be done but I thought I would at least share this to the community.
We, May get a true PC Port of Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion Coming in 2020. <<Fingers Crossed>>

Decided to Kepp, N64UNPAK Tool.

News: I decided to reverse engineer Turok 3 shadows of oblivion
and take the pseudo code and turn it into the original source code that makes Turok 3 run
and patch the program.

It will take me some time reading pseudo-code and turning it into c++ code takes sometime depends
on how many functions the game has.

Right, now I am patching a program for a streamer.
As soon as I get that done I'm starting the long process and might stream the project on twitch.
But, if night dev or another studio makes a pc port of the Turok 3 n64 game then I will stop the project if nobody stays interested.

Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / N64UNPAK Tool ?
« on: July 23, 2018, 12:58:02 AM »
Hey, I have something to share with you all I am doing a secret project for "Turok 3 Shadows of Oblivion" and what I needed was an extractor tool to Dump all the contents from a ".n64 Rom" or N64 File if you want to call it that
So I searched and searched honestly for about 4 months asking on all forums searching for an extractor tool for that reason on why I wanted it so I give up searching but I did manage to find 2 extractor tools for ".N64" Files that would extract music files only and
models only so one could extract the models and the other could only extract the music files from the ".N64 File" So I decided that I needed this tool for my secret project so either way I decided to make my own tool for extracting all the contents from the ".N64 File" and dumping the contents to a folder directory So I have almost finished the tool but I will show a video very soon so sorry for not having any proof or images or videos but I just thought I would share this to all that would love to have this tool I mean just think on the PC Ports and mods we could make with this tool it could help out devs and modders alike for sure. :oblivion: :grin:

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