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Discord name: SgtMecaCool#4993
That is not true. You yourself have told us that your previous attempts and fake screenshots were made to "troll" us. We've forgiven you for it, so calm down. We've provided proof while you've provided none. No one is saying this to hurt you, it's just the way it is.

Well between "A c++ and c Programmer" and "The most hated person on the internet" I believe the programmer. MecaCool, just try to finish what you say you are doing. Don't give any deadline, this will be done when this will be done, period! After if you think this forum is too much time consuming, you can always ask my mate Dinomite to get banned for some time, he is BIG here and got the authority to do so! MecaCool, to finish I don't know what you are working on but with Unreal Engine 4 you can do anything, especially if you got some programing knowledge.

Now I am waiting the reply from my mate Dinomite to see with what shit he will come up with.

Well I understand I can see what may be going on here.
Going back to my project guys see ya soon when I have some links and builds.
In 1 month have source code to show. may not be done but something to show.

Turok 2 (Cancelled) / Re: Turok 2 Teaser Remaster
« on: July 19, 2020, 05:02:54 PM »
Dinomite, i can see and feel through your words and other posts that you are weaker than I thought. Fine, post as many posts that will make you happy. If this is what you like to do in life then go ahead and never stop! Post, post, post! I had a good time with you anyway. But you are no challenge. On my Father name I apologise if you are feel hurt by my words. You can even keep going insulting me, that actually make me smile. I forgive you. You don't know what you are saying. God bless you and give you ten children. All the best!
No one is hurt or offended by you. Everyone is laughing at you behind your back, just so you know. There are entire group chats dedicating to ridiculing you in over half of the communities you've set foot in.

Please, link the group chats. LINKS PLEASE!!

You are correct MecaCool. Keep up with your project. Don't let nobody discourage you. You know what is best. It takes a long time, but persistence and hard work pays off in the long run. Remember my words!

Thanks @GaelRomanet means a lot I know how it can be I made some mistakes posting I am working on this but got triggered to never finish or commit to what I say because of people saying harsh words.
I have learned to never say anything unless I got proof. "This whole drama was due to me saying I was making something and had no proof and gave them false pics and source due to some people claiming they would critique my source code so I made a choice to give something that was not the real work at the time due to believing some few people on the internet. It was never a troll attempt at all. This is what this drama is all about they got no real proof so they are calling me out for it."
Which was my mistake for doing it I should have just waited and gave them something later on which now I know there is no hiding about it critique my code if they want I'm showing the real stuff in a month and ignoring any critique I get and finish what I say I am doing.
It is there own words they say either right or wrong.
So it says it in plain site on this discord I just gave you the truth behind this drama. The real side of it period!! there side is accurate but added too to some instinct.

If you need to talk someone time let me know i'm open on discord come hang and chat if you need some help with your projects.
god bless you man.

Discord name: SgtMecaCool#4993

MecaCool you are talented. Install Unreal Engine 4 and start making something that could change everything.

Few years ago I wanted to re texture the first Turok, almost finished but left on my PC. Then I designed a "fake bump mapping effect" for the first Turok. Maybe to hard to see for some people.

MecaCool, don't waste your time here, some member having nearly 3000 posts. I mean come on dude 3000 posts, get a life!


Gael Romanet
Creator of Dismal Survival.

Thanks for the kind words I have no interest in unreal engine tho but a great engine for sure.
Also I understand I get a lot of backlash from this community for the drama that has happened but I assure you I'm not a troll never was there own consumption of my alies name and thoughts on what I do with my projects.
I just get offended by peoples mean comments and seem to not finish projects due to that "" 100% TRUTH NOTHING MORE.

But now I've learned that I do it for me not for others yeah they benefit from it but I do it because I love it and if they like or dislike it fine with me.
So the criticism comments don't matter to me anymore I'm done with them I just ignore them and finish my projects like I'm saying I am doing.

Drahsid, I understand your point, and this is a good point BUT you can not compare someone posting this so many post on a forum with someone showing creativity.

However you actually right, designing and texturing are almost all my life.

Gael Romanet
Creator of Dismal Survival.

Listen go do what you love if it is texturing then do it for you and impress people is a bonus.
Also I like your work very nice indeed.
And I know but there is no need to lash on these guys on here or anybody it is pointless it only get's people mad and want to re-lash back on you.
Trust me just be humble and caring and it goes along way.
I know the drama that has happened in this community with me is hurtful to me and has 2 sides to the story but I'm fine with it and don't care about it anymore I've moved on and finishing what projects I said I was doing in this community.
And I'm sure when I get the first port finished and release it in this community they will not be so easily to judge of my stuff based on as of now nothing to show so curious they are to see if I'm serious to finish and show something.

Best of luck with your projects and games.
God Bless!!

I wanted to share this On what I found out on reverse-engineering the Turok 3 "ROM". Nothing Special.
I do not know if I found anything useful I'm not a very good programmer when it comes to this sort of criteria but it may be worth a look at?

I found that Turok 3 holds Asset data somehow in the cart-file and reads from created  "Index's" Maybe?? not sure/ which explains where or why I can't find anything else giving me a heads up that the assets are not stored in the cart-file or anywhere else.
I still have not found the location of the cart-file in memory.
So I think that they stored the assets inside of a cart-file and created an index that holds all known offsets treated as "a place in contiguous memory with locations that can be individually referenced by using indexes for each data type "AKA Asset type: Models, Textures, Sounds" and each data type having a unique identifier" to the files inside of the cart-file?
So, it is just a thought at least.
Nothing substantial that I have found for real but my own conclusion which may be fully wrong.

Open to your all's thoughts on this I might be onto something who knows.
Or I might have nothing so I thought it would be cool to at least put something out there to maybe see
if it is worth it or not.
Maybe the cart-file uses this method of storing the asset data and the engine reads from indexes with pacific data type identifiers in memory?


Apology accepted. I apologize as well.

No worries man Apology accepted!
I might buy a steam card if you are interested in a small game I would love to gift you one.
under $10 let me know.
No, that's ok. Thank you for the offer.

You sure I got the steam card today?
I would love to gift you a game you deserve it.
It's fine, man. I don't need it. Thank you once again for your offer.

No problem man. Your welcome


Apology accepted. I apologize as well.

No worries man Apology accepted!
I might buy a steam card if you are interested in a small game I would love to gift you one.
under $10 let me know.
No, that's ok. Thank you for the offer.

You sure I got the steam card today?
I would love to gift you a game you deserve it.


Apology accepted. I apologize as well.

No worries man Apology accepted!
I might buy a steam card if you are interested in a small game I would love to gift you one.
under $10 let me know.

I'm leaving for now
Be back maybe
Going to go finish my fps game.

First you said your friend had an account on our Discord, now you're saying that your cousin has an account on our Discord. Hmm...
It is my cousin man and my true friend answer made to your statement.

We would never have shit on you or your work if you were just being honest with everyone from the start.

I was being honest but when people wanted proof I did not have anything to show at that present time which when I did
I felt very scared to post something after some others told me that you all would moke my work.
I mean no wonder I made the decision to troll you all for real man there is always 2 sides to one story.
And my troll attempt was too test you all to see if you would really do it.
Which you all did so from there on in I could not resist calling you all out.
I guess if what you said was true I would have never trolled you all.
But I delt with some bad harassment that left scares from the old crap and I was afraid to meet the same fate.
Which now I am finding myself in the same position once again.

Your attempt at making us look bad is futile because everyone can read through your message history and forum post history.

I never wanted to attempt making you all look that way but when someone or some people go out of there way a month after the drama to
just start mocking my vids for fun really upset me so what do you expect someone to do in my position.

For the record: When I messaged you about how the community treated me, it was at a time where I still had some hope in your initial project (N64 File Unpacker). I believed that you were working on it and patiently waited. I followed you and was a loyal friend until you exposed yourself as a troll and a liar on the Discord,

The bad thing is you still believe that (N64 File Unpacker Tool) Was a lie which it is not I'm still in development in it.
And I appreciate you for being a friend and backing me up I never wanted to make you look stupid.
If others would just take the time to understand instead of jumping ahead of the conclusion you might see the truth
behind someones ambition to bring Turok 3 to the PC.

Removing this comment will prove that you're a liar.
Don't worry I will not remove it But just because someone removes a post does not mean they lied.
regardless of the situation.

All you're doing now is playing the victim card and proving us right.
Nope again there you are wrong another pointless accusation theory behind the drama.

I genuinely can't tell if you're actually this delusional or if you're just doing this for attention.
Neither my goal is to bring Turok 3 to the PC Period no matter if some others believe I'm a liar and a fake.

Nobody ever stopped you from working on your project and you YOURSELF have told us that it's fake. You even posted a picture as proof and posted a long rant about how you "trolled us" despite most of the server not even believing you. So what are you on about here???
Your right nobody has it never stopped just held on a pause notion till then or hear after.
I never told you it was fake I was trolling you from that point in history when I feel for a few people telling me
I would get mocked which I mean they were not wrong I hate to say but yes.

P.S. It's not really a good idea for you to be calling these people kids, especially since most of them are twice as old as you.
I would not have to if you all never would have recently mocked my vids and stuff even after I left the discord and left the drama behind me
focusing on my port I Mean I even restarted it to show on stream and vids series from start to finish for you all.

Nobody in our community truly "hates" you. You made a bad name for yourself and have yet to prove us wrong.

Well, I'm glad no one does for that matter makes me feel somewhat better after all of this bullshit.
And don't worry I will prove you all wrong in due time.

If you wanna work on stuff, than do it. But don't post anything if you have literally nothing to show for it.
Don't worry I will not after all this drama has caused me so much depression I mean just think if I posted with videos and pics
of my progress when I had something to show would have dodged some stupid shit from the beginning.

PS: I'm starting over let us make this right My white flag is up.
Again I'm going to be the better man and say I am sorry Dinomite and others I hope you all can give me one more chance to prove you all.
That's all I ask no mean comments or mocking I will post when I have something to be worth the communities time.

PS: Back to the Projects.

I don't hate you, I don't think anybody really hates you.
I've never said that I will make a port, every time that you have told me that I should, or that anybody has implied that I should, my answer has always been the same: I will not personally pursue something so ambitious.
I did tear you down on the subject of your T3 port. It's not a tough guy act, it's not bullshitting. Given what you presented us as a community, I described that your port is either fake or in a very infantile state. There are no hard feelings, nor do I really want there to be. My goal was to bring to the attention of uninformed forum-viewers that they should not be excited over it in its' current state. I have been very constructive in my criticism toward you because I would like to see everybody succeed.
bsmug means Barry Smug, Barry is Joshua Fireseed's best friend and roommate in the comics, the icon of this image is of Barry. It doesn't mean bullshit smug lol
Thanks for sharing my mouse script and offering to make a video. I might put something together soon since people seem to be having issues, but if I don't do that in a timely manner, you are obviously free to do something yourself.
Any and all modders and developers are welcome in the Discord, and the vast majority of folks are praised for their hard work. Rina, for example, is a young developer who is getting into things. His stuff might not be particularly impressive, but when he posts his stuff, he is still posting content, and the general reaction to that is "hey, that's cool!"
The problem that the community has had with you is that you have not posted anything substantial while claiming to be working on and doing big things. If you're putting hard work into a project that you're really in to, that is great. Despite that, what I said before still stands now, if you don't have anything to show, don't say you're working on anything.
What makes this situation worse is that you are calling the whole community kids, all the while throwing out red herrings and making silly claims. Isn't that childish? I wrote this before, but criticism is not hate speech, nor is it cyberbullying. If somebody is going too far, or their criticism is not constructive, then ignore it, it's not worth your time. If you have a problem, you know how to get in touch with me.
You did not get set up. You are the one who chose to post deceitful things.

tl;dr don't post empty content, don't lie, all would be good

I'm leaving for now
Be back maybe
Going to go finish my fps game.

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