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Thanks... I would say... If there were no people like You, this foum can't be great ;)

I have in plans also add more thing to level 4 - ruins

Ancient City progress:

More palms (breakable too) and plants, adding also more enemies

DoomMarine23 thanks for help... but guys, my fault and... I forget write " developer 1" :)

I work on GOG version of game.

Now I can load map from levels.

Feel free to use my jungle maps and textures and new minigun sound in your mods.

Ps. How to add new object (actor) like T-rex or weapon model? I mean I use add actor - choose T-rex but he on stay and nothing happen? I must add to properities some things or what?

Also in developer 1 mode - when load custom map I have fog? how it turn OFF?

I try other way... just add new map to game.kpf and it is work :)

I begin work on better Ancient City level:


this is my map, friend record it

Guys sometimes ago I add many palms and plants to jungle map. But now I can't load it in game.

Map I made in editor with version Turok.Remaster.v2.0.22811 and tested in early Game version working on XP SP 3 :) Turok.Remastered.

In game I use:

1. Create LEVELS folder in game catalog
2. In game press ~ than map levels\

but have no map found, when i finished these map I will tested it many times and working fine. I recorded on YT video (sorry for quality) but now... I can't even run it.

Can You check it what is wrong??? Please help.


Always in console - DEVELOPER 1 and maps will be load

new update with Ancient Map level08

New weapon to OP4:

If you guys want it use in Turok give me a priv.

I use nice M134 Minigun than add M60 handle to make it Predator version:

Guys I scan and restore (clean best what I can) my polish TDH big box.

I love classic cover art draw better than remastered!!!

Feel free to use it in Your work, print what You want, make own big box etc :) Polish cover art are the best becuse it is like open matte in movies, wider view than other version. Also is polish poster than You only change "Łowca DInosaurów" for english "Dinosaur Hunter":

Google Drive gallery:

Today I made custom "TDH pack" for friend who has GOG version :) orginal box is 1 cm wider (20 cm):

Yes, I know but... so many old games work fine. But serious, If You don't download any shitt from any unknown source, nothing bad can happen ;)

Ps. I also have router, firewall program and antivirus program :D

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