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Sprite and Model Test Map
« on: March 19, 2020, 08:22:16 PM »

This is a modder's resource I made in an hour last night.

I basically made this map in order to make it easier to make sprites and stuff like that. The fog has been colored pink and extended to the point where you cannot see it anymore. The area is basically a large box of grass meshes, all one would have to do would be to add another .kpf to their mods folder replacing "tex0988_00.png" to a solid color image, making sprite sheets 10x easier.

Special thanks to Raffine for inspiring me to do this.

Some useful commands:

"g_drawweapon 0" to hide weapons being held
"hidedrawfx" to hide particles effects, including anything fired from weapons

Download on Sanctum:
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Re: Sprite and Model Test Map
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