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Turok General Discussion / Waiting new Turok : Reptiles in hunt
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:22:55 AM »

Fans of Turok, new game (2021 release...) who have a huge inspiration of Turok, I think you could be interested by this game! :) :have a nice day:

It's interesting to see that it's a third person view!
I remember that Acclaim for the first Turok then Propaganda for Turok 08 have considered first the third person view. It give a different and interesting approach. I like it! :in love:

- indian with knife and bow
- jungle environment
- Hunt dinosaurs and others human-reptilians
- Dinosaurs interactions (Hunt with group and fight together)

Steam description :
Reptiles: In Hunt gives you the opportunity to face dangerous dinosaurs in world that has fallen. It is a mix of survival and action. Hunt, explore, acquire resources, build new weapons and fight with huge reptiles and dangerous Reptilians that destroyed human civilization.

The beta video:

Do you know this game? Are you excited or hype?
(Sorry for my bad english)

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