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Any progress at all?

Yes, It's still being worked on.

Any update?

I am still working on the V1.7 Update, Just been busy with a lot of things

V1.8 Has been released.

And don't worry: I am still working on a Update to the Beta Addon.

You can now Fire the Bow without needing a Full Pull, Allowing The Rapid Firing Trick of the Original Games to be Usable again. However the Arrows go by their half the Normal Speed if you do this.
Tek Arrows gotten a Buff, As they now deal More damage.
Buffed Shotgun and Auto Shotgun's Normal Shells.
Explosion Shells now work like the Original Game, And can now Gib Enemies.
The Minigun fires out less Bullets now, Allowing less Ammo to be wasted.
Fixed Particle Accelerator not able to Fire.
Buffed ChronoScepter's Damage.
Buffed Particle Accelerator's Damage a little bit.
Pistol and Assault Rifle's Damage has been buffed a little bit.
Fixed the Sprites for 4:3 Res.


Version V2.0 Release! Sorry if it took me this long to Update it.

Flare Gun has gotten a little Buff.
Bow and Tek Bow's Normal Arrows do more damage.
Tek Bow's Tek Arrows got a much needed Buff. While they still don't stick to Enemies, The Explosion now deals damage instead of doing just nothing. The Tek Arrows themselves deal 10 Damage so killing Enemies with the Tek Arrow is now a little bit less likely.
Fixed Pistol and Mag 60's Firing Sound not playing sometimes.
Buffed the Pistol and Mag 60.
Harpoon Gun's Harpoon now goes a little faster.
Tranq Gun has been buffed, But now has a Cool Down after using Alt Fire.
Buffed Shotgun's Normal Shell Damage.
Shredder's Normal Shell Mode now works like the one found in Turok+. Explosion Shells are now back into their V1.0 State.
Sunfire Pods now has Cool Down after throwing them.
PFM Layer now has two Firing Modes: One that Fires the Mines like a Rocket, And the Mine Mode is now a Alt Fire.
You can now only hold 5 Torpedos instead of 10 without the Backpack.
Grenade Launcher has gotten a Buff.
Firestorm Cannon now eats up less Ammo and has gotten a Fire Rate nerf.
Bores now move Slower.
Riding Gun's Launcher Mode now fires Impact Shots instead of Rockets.
Some Weapons have gotten a Fire Rate Boost.
Razor Wind now does more damage.
Fixed the War Blade Attack Sound.
Nearly All the Weapons no longer get Cutted off when Playing in 4:3 Screen.


Adon Voices:!PRFQRAbS!PlnPtpfO-xWIAbtl0dfSGvmON_4qhgL_21_ll1Bc2Hk!rUUShaAZ!jrI8ZMJXRXsMT2cXqhSeddCMGMUvWqkLAEomIuXDD6w

Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / Re: N64UNPAK Tool ?
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:10:10 PM »
Hope things are going well.

Just a random thought but could this tool possibly help with extracting level models from games like Shadowman for example. That game is troublesome the model format was something weird too. I have been unable to get clean exports on that one in particular.

Sure, I can make it compatible depends on the data packed in the "n64 Rom".

Update, on my progress on this tool I apologize I've been dealing with some important family stuff lately
But, I did get a big chunk of the code done but I am stopped due to trying to understand some data from the "N64 Rom" so
I know what to do next Because I have been doing some serious testing on other "N64 Roms" out there too see if they too use
the same file system &  structures and so on.
So, I want this tool well I want is a different issue but I am trying to code this tool to extract any "N64 RoM".
So, in other words a universal "N64 Rom Extractor" which I think is a very good Idea indeed so this is what Is been holding me up
On getting the project done in time so the only thing I can do is keep you all updated every month to give updates.  :have a nice day:


Hey, guys I want to give another update on my progress of the tool.
I've also got a pic to show as well but as of know.
""Here is the pic ""

Yesterday, I got done the extraction classes for the files "png , dll "
So, I lack a couple more classes for the other files as well.
But, I've got the interface done for the tool as well.
I've also, added a support feature for repacking the ROM.
So, for example you could make a HD texture pack for the game lets say for example "Turok"
So, with my tool you could repack the HD textures back into the ROM and play the ROM on a emulator with the new hd textures which is cool to.
So, it introduces modding to the N64 which is something we need for sure.

I have 1 big announcement.
I decided when I get this tool done I am making a PC port of Turok 3 shadows of oblivion for PC.
So, there will be a port of the 3rd installment of Turok for PC finally after so many years.
So, thanks for all your all's patience with me I'm still hard at work on this tool but so close to getting it done.

Any, Questions you might have feel free to ask them.
Thank you, and have a wonderful Saturday. :have a nice day:

I love this. I can't wait to see it done.

Very cool that you combined the classes all into one mod :P. I only played a little bit, but i noticed the weapon pickup sprites are black boxes with numbers. Are they not added in yet? Just thought i should let you know. Otherwise i like the new name for it, it's more fitting and epic sounding.

As for why the weapon pickups were the generic black squares with numbers, I haven't created Better Sprites for these. And Yeah they are added in, They work just fine.

And thanks.


The Addon Pack has been updated:!TUNxyIbQ!LMazk61_iYXzlKaPPkMxV8RbZlNa1OWARfsana69HrI

New to this Release are the Start With All Weapons DM Edition (Where you start with Nearly all the Weapons and suited for DM Play) And Auto-Taunts (From Marisa Kirisame's Flak_M mod, So Credit goes to him) Addons.

After a Few Months, TCT Comes back with a New Version, and a Name Change! Oh, and Doom 64 Joins the Fight, Too.

The mod has been Renamed to Turok: Legend of the Lost Lands, As I felt the Title sounds better than the old one.
The Title Screen has been Replaced, And so is the Music.
Made Two New Addons, One where All Teams are Replaced, With them being based off of their Game. Red is Turok Warriors, Blue is Unreal Prisoners, Green is Quake Troopers, and Gold is Doomers, And another where All Classes start with all Weapons from their Game, While Turok Debug starts with Every Weapon from all of the Current in Classes!
Menu Sounds are Replaced with that of Soul Calibur 2's.
K-Sha now Replaces a Forsaken Character for the Turok 2 Class.
Splited the Weapon and Item Spawner Codes into their own Files.
You can now hold more Rocket Ammo and Sniper Ammo.
Rifle Ammo is now based off of Extra Classes's Hold Rate.

Minigun Ammo is now less likely to spawn.

T2MP And T3:
Really Fixed the Bore Ammo Pickups being called Cores.

Fixed some of the Rage Wars Weapons HUD Icons Having the Unreal 1 Ammo Icons when Loading up Extra Classes Addon.

Extra Classes:

Addon is now called Extra Classes.
Splited the Weapon and Item Spawner Codes into their own Files.

Fixed U1 and UT99's Shock Cores Giving Cell Ammo.

Unreal 1:
The Class now Starts with the Automag in Hand, and 50 Pistol Ammo. Hope this makes Things fair for him.
Items are Finally added in.
Some Weapons now use the Rage Wars Weapon Switching Sounds.
Fixed a Issue when switching from nearly all of his Weapons to weapons from other classes.
Dispersion Pistol Powerup Now shows up and has a Pick up message.

Blood now comes out of Enemies when using The Ripper.
Fixed the Two Enforcer Pickup being this big, And having the Doom Pickup Sound.

Quake 1:
Buffed The Chainsaw, and now has Sounds when sawing Enemies with it.
Axe has sounds when hitting a Enemy.
Lighting Gun's Lighting Effect now works.

Quake 2:
Fixed Some of the Class's Actor Data being replaced when playing AEOD with this Addon Enabled.
The Class now has HUD Icons for the Rail Slug Ammo and Weapons.
Fixed Weapon Type 2 Pickup Giving the Class Unreal 1's Dispersion Pistol.

Doom 64:
D64 is added into the Roster. We all know Doom: But how about the Demon Slayer himself?
Ammo and Demon Keys are added into the Random Spawners.


All of the Addons are in One Zip File, Including Extra Classes, and their Names are Shorten down so you can read their Titles.

After a 7 Month wait of this Mod Not being Updated, James Bond 007 Finally Returns with V1.2!

Added Mustang Mar-4GL, Meyer Bullpup, MB POW90, Plasma Grenade (Using Stun Grenade's Model) And Super Grenade (Using Sticky Grenade's Model).
Shells are added.
Deutsche M95's Firing Rate is a little bit faster.
Wolfram P2K can now Auto fire again.
You can no longer Drop Unarmed, P2K, and MAR-4GL.
You no longer have to Reload the Weapons when you first pick them up.
Wolfram P2K Silenced has been fixed, And you now start with it again.
Added Music to the Title Screen.
Added in the Menu Sounds.
Fixed the Logo being Big.



This Music Pack replaces all of the Music with Tracks from Castlevania - Rondo Of Blood, With one Track from Symphony of the Night.

Make sure to backup your N64 Music Folder before applying this Music Pack.


Finally got V1.5 Off the Table.

The Shell System is now back into their Standalone Turok Weapon Project Versions again.
Random Spawners have been updated to Refect the New Ammo Pickup.

Bow can now be fired without needing a Full Pull.

Normal Shredder Rounds no longer Explode.
Blood now comes out of Enemies when they are Hit by Normal Shredder Rounds, Arrows, Tek Bows (Before they Explode), Firestorm Shots, Harpoons and Plasma Snipe Shots.
I finally realized how shitty Flare Gun's Shots were, so I given them Effects. They look way more awesome. And It deals 1 more Damage.
Flare Gun's Alt Has been Reworked: It now deals more Damage and has more Effects. However it now uses 20 Ammo.
(I was Originally going to Rework the Tranq Gun, But I decided to keep it in it's Original State for now)
Charge Dart Rifle's Shots now cast Effects, Like the Flare Gun does.
Plasma Rifle's Shots now go faster, And now looks more like a Beam. Using Alt Fire now does not cast a Firing Flash, Like in the Original Game.
Firestorm Shots now move faster. The Alt Fire Mode has been removed.
You can now Fire the Bow and Tek Bow without needing a Full Pull, Allowing The Rapid Firing Trick of the Original Games to be Usable again.
However the Arrows go by their half the Normal Speed if you do this.

Fixed Bore's Shots not looking Right.
Fixed Bore's Ammo Pickups being Called Cores.
Plasma Rifle's Alt Fire can now cause Gibbing. Sometimes.
Claws can now Use Berserk Packs.
Firestorm Shots now move faster, Just like the SP Version.

Some Alt Fire Sprites no longer move while they are playing.
Tek Crossbow now has it's Original Firing Rate for both Firing Modes.
More Touhou Sounds are added.
Freeze Gun has it's Original Fire Rate For the Alt Fire Mode.
Some Weapons now have new Kill Messages.
Inflator's Alt Shot Sprites are now Bigger.
Buffed the Emaciator's Alt Fire. Hopefully.
Weapon HUD Icons are added.
Emaciator and Inflator now have Growing Parts when they idle now.
Buffed the Assault Rifle's Alt Fire so it does Damage closer to the Original Fire Mode.
WarHammer's Pickup Sprite is Smaller.
Buffed the Mag 60's Alt Fire a little bit.

Buffed the Mag 60's Firing Rate Once More.
Bow and Tek Bow can now fire their Arrows without needing a Full Pull: However the Arrows go by their half the Normal Speed.
The PSG Ammo Pickup has been added.
Silenced Pistol Now has it's Firing Rate buffed a little bit.
Fixed the Bore Ammo Pickups being called Cores.
Fixed up one of Spear's Animations.
Bow and HP Drainer's Pick up Sprites are Updated.
Fixed PSG's Kill Messages.

TCTX, Normal Weapon Pickups Addons:
Updated the Addons to Support the V1.5 Changes.

Normal Weapon Pickups Addon (Normal):!iMFWlKrT!zLFXNlzzHiYNbNxss45AlzV9WgrP4G2CAHVRwc4JMH0
Normal Weapon Pickups Addon (TCTX):!acMi1a4Y!11OIU-kmLVuyHc6ZYfnuleEd28CaS51vM7vdTVVGrNU

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