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Turok General Discussion / TUROK & DOOM: Things that make them great.
« on: February 10, 2017, 10:36:22 PM »
I love playing Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, it's my favourite game of all time.
For me the sequels strayed too far from what I enjoyed most about the original: SPEED.
Turok DH was foggy as hell, but the pace you ran around the levels and the athleticism of Tal' Set was bad-ass.
I was amazed at the freedom of jumping in the water and being able to swim around. I felt like a boss jumping onto a cliff face and climbing up the vines..
Learning weapons to use like the knife on the bugs, tek bows on Purr-lins etc.
I liked running straight into enemies, jumping over attacks, sidestepping and avoiding being surrounded.

DOOM 2016 felt similar to Turok Dinosaur Hunter to me because of the fast movement, what do you enjoy about these games?

Is anyone interested in working on a HD texture pack for the original N64 version of Turok Dinosaur Hunter?

For those about TUROK.. We salute you!!

Can anyone help me, will Turok EX textures work with the Turok N64 Rom on an emulator? Also, can anyone please help me locate a Hi Res Texture pack for N64 Turok Dinosaur Hunter?

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