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V1.1 has been released.

Added Perfect Kirby. Unlike RED, He's included in the base mod for the most part.
Added RED. However, You have to load in the addon in order to use her. Her Files are included, though.
Fixed the Grenade's Alt Fire Mode playing the Sim Voice even when playing as Doom and 007.
Made a pickup Actor for the Boombox.
The Combat Knife now makes sounds when you switch away while in Throwing Knife mode.
Fixed the Mauler Pickup using the Crossbow's Pickup Sprite.
The DY357-LX no longer spawns on the Plasma Gun Spot, and the Reaper now spawns in the BFG9000 Spot instead.
The Proximity Mine now uses the code from the GE007TC Mod. This allows the Proxy Mines to no longer somehow grant you kills when they blow up, However this adds in a bug where if the enemy is close to a mine, They will get killed and you will not be credited for a kill.
Fixed the Sniper Rifle going into a little bit of the ready animation after it's done reloading.
The N-Bomb is now voiced when throwing it as Simulant.

Trailer's up:


Amd the The Download link is up:

Please never stop doing these Weapon Mods.
Every single Set feels different and this is just great.
I really like having so many Weapons in the Turok Games, and these Mods really reminds of this.
I do have two questions thou.
- Do you have any plans on doing a Weapon Mod Pack for "South Park 64?
- Also are you limited to N64 Sprites only or did you already made some tests from other Eras/Consoles?

Hell yeah I agree with you: I will never stop doing Weapon Ports no matter what, and combined with updates overtime to fix bugs, It's becoming a fun thing for me to do.

Yeah, I have plans to port the Weapons from South Park FPS, Mainly the PC Version instead of the N64 Version.
Although I do the N64 Content I do content from later Eras too.

Version V1.3 has finally been released. After this version was stuck in development hell for two years since it's creation and being overshadowed by other projects of mine, It's finally back with a vengeance.

Frinesi Special 12 is now more likely to spawn, and it now spawns in the shotgun spot.
Added The Golden Gun.
Bullet Ammo can now spawn in the Shotgun Shell Ammo Spots.
The Reload Key now reloads weapons, so that means having the Alt Fire as the Reloading Key is no longer needed.
Fixed the Deutsche M45 still able to reload even when you have a full clip for it.
The Mustang MAR-4GL's Grenade Launcher Mode can now be used with the Main gun itself, removing the need to have the GL Mode as a Standalone weapon.
Replaced the Plasma Grenades with Cluster Grenades.
Brought over 007, Doom and Spy from my GE007 Weapons in Doom Mod, and aside from being updated to use the TWINE Weapon database instead of GE007 Weapon database, they are the same, sounds and all.
Added in Ellis, Coach and Francis from Left 4 Dead, Making their first appearances in the Raffine52's Classic FPS Weapon Porting Project. They are voiced when picking up weapons, and when reloading weapons.
Added in the Pickup Versions of the Weapons.
Renamed Super Grenade to Impact Grenade.
Added a Secret Found sound.
57mm Ammo now spawns.
All weapons are tagged.
Changed up the spawners.
Added almost all the TWINE Themed Items, replacing the Doom ones. A Few ones, however are brought over from GE007 Weapons in Doom to save time for the next upcoming weapons port...

I also made a Addon for it: Disable L4D Voices. This Addon disables the L4D Character's Lines when picking up weapons and reloading, so that way when using IDFA or IDKFA Cheats, You don't have to deal with suddenly having Ellis's Voice.

I also decided to change up the Story too.

Story: After the events of the Movie, 007 and Jones celebrate in Turkey, when all of the sudden, the latter hears a strange sounding like demon voice while she and 007 were spending their time. 007, knowing that there's one more thing to take care off, packs his Pistol, his suit, and tells Jones to stay there while he goes to Hell to fight the demons in order to free Earth once and for all. But he's not alone: He's joined by Doom, Spy, Ellis, Coach and Francis, who will fight off the horde all at once. Will the six win and save the 007 Realm?


This Topic contains some Announcer packs I made for Zandronum.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Announcer

This Announcer pack adds in the Announcer from Super Smash Bros. 4/Ultimate.


Credits goes to ( ) which I used to make many lines that he didn't said in the Original game, and Nintendo/Xander Mobus for making SSBU.

After about a few years of being missing in action, 007 Finally returns with an update!

Added the Throwing Knifes, Hand Grenades, Two Mine Types (Ported from Strikerman's GE007 Mod) and Slappers (With the Sniper Rifle's Club being it's own weapon).
Fixed a Issue where you can't fire your weapons after they are done reloading.
BulletCasing and ShellCasing now has 007 in it's class name so it does not get replaced when playing AEOD.
Some weapons have been nerfed or buffed.
Fixed a Bug where the Golden Gun can fire and reload even when you have no golden bullets left as long as you have bullet ammo, leading to the weapon becoming a game-breaker.
Changed up some spawners around.
Almost all of the weapons when they appear in the map or dropped by enemies, They now use their World Models.
Added in more Ammo Pickups.
Added in Body Armor.
The Blazblue SFX Placeholders are replaced.
Shells now make sound when they hit the ground.
Explosions now have more sound effects.
Added in the Weapon Case, Which was originally unused from the Original game.
Nearly all of the weapons got some slight offset changes.
All Weapons are tagged.
Made the Slappers and Sniper Rifle Melee Undroppable.

Download (The Addons are moved to this folder as well just in case for updates):


V1.3 has been released. AKA 'TBM steps in' Update. And more than a Hotfix, to boot.

Added a 'Secret Found' sound from Goldeneye X (Foreshadowing much?)
Goldeneye 007 Styled Items are added, replacing the Doom ones.
The Shotgun, Gold PP7 and Sliver PP7 now have World Models.
The Berserk Powerup has been replaced with the Unlimited Ammo Power up. It gives you a few seconds of unlimited firepower until it runs out.
Replaced the Title and Credit Screens with their new better looking versions.
Weapon Info Screens has been added.
Added in James Bond 007, Alec Trevelyan 006, Juno From Jet Force Gemini, Solid Snake From Metal Gear Solid and Eriko Kirishima From Megami Ibunroku Persona. Doom, however, remains in the roster, but has his voice clips back instead of using 007 ones.
Bullet Effects are now the ones from Strikerman's GE007 Mod.
The Touhou Sound Placeholder has been replaced.
Spy from TF2 is also added, But only usable in Multiplayer or via setting your class to him and then using 'map map01' in the console. However, A addon has been made that swaps the roles around with Doom, So Spy can be selected in SP and Doom be MP/SP Console Only.

I also made a few new addons for the mod as well. The first one, Goldeneye Source Sounds, Changes some of the SFX to ones that are from Goldeneye: Source. The 2nd one is the HD Sound Pack, Which does the same, But with the Sound Files from the Original game before being downsimpled right to the N64 Sound Engine. The 3rd one is the Multiplayer Friendly Addon, Which tries to make the mod be more suitable for Deathmatch play. Lastly is the Swap Doom With Spy Addon, which Swaps the two so that Spy can be selected for SP Play while making Doom only usable via console/MP.


Version V2.0.1 Released. Just a simple Bug Fix release: But the main point of this update is the Addons, which one of them got huge changes of their own.


Fixed Eriko's Voice clips not playing when she gets hurt or dies.
Reverted the Pulse Rifle spawning in chaingun spots back. I am going to test it and see if it spawns on the RL spots instead.

For the Addons, Two of them got updates. For the Music Pack:

Fixed one of the tracks cutting short before it gets to the end.

For the Alpha Weapons Pack, It was no shock that when I released it, It had some issues and missing content all around. This caused me to work on it more, and after a few days, I released a new update, AKA The 'What if I didn't Rushed it' Edition. This Update is to fix up the issues and add in some stuff that was missing back in it's original release.

This Version now uses the Edited Build as a base, making it the first mod to do so.
Fixed the 'Unused as for yet' Alpha Items overwriting the Key HUD Sprites.
Updated the Kill Messages for most of the weapons.
The Tomahawk can now be thrown.
The Prototype Minigun can now be upgraded to the Death Machine.
The Prototype Quad Missile Launcher can now be upgraded to the Homing Quad Missile Launcher.
The Prototype Fusion Cannon now has a alt fire.
For some weapons, you no longer get full ammo upon picking them up.
All of the Alpha Weapons now use the Alpha Pistol Pickup sound.
The Prototype Rifle now has the correct Pickup Sprite.

EDIT: The Alpha Weapons Pack has been updated.

Fixed the Homing Prototype Quad Missile Launcher playing the put away animation on a loop if you try to switch weapons.
Updated the HPQML Upgrade Kit Pickup sprite.
Ammo Pickups are added back.
Due to the Ammo Pickups being added back, Picking up Alpha Weapons no longer gives you full ammo.
Fixed the Alpha Shotguns able to use Fire Shells unlimitedly.

And I made a new Addon, Called 'Alpha Guns only'.

What this Addon does is that the Spawners only spawn Prototype Weapons/Ammo.

Starting with this post, Download links will now lead to the Folder of the following mod where I store all of the latest releases and updates. This allows me to update the files without having to repost the links everytime.

The Alpha Weapon Addon has been updated: Now all of the weapons are there, But however because I want to get it out ASAP, I decided to make nearly all of the weapons use the same Ammo types as they did in the E3 1996 Beta.

Enjoy, I guess.


Version V2.0 has been released. How you are all enjoying the Overhaul? Good? Yeah, Because here comes a new Version release that fixes some issues and adds in more things on top of that. Originally V1.9.1, This was turned into the next version release as it is little more than just being a hotfix release.

Fixed the Ultra Health Pickups unable to be picked up.
Buffed the Tek Arrows. I also brought over the Extra 5 Damage when the Bow is fully pulled thing from my T3 Weapons in Doom Mod.
Buffed the Explosion Shells a little bit.
Added in the missing sound effect when picking up some weapons/items.
Renamed TF2Heavy to TK1Heavy so it can play nice with AEOD.
Fixed the Alien Infantry having Tal-Set's Voice.
A New Warrior Has Entered the Ring: And it's Eriko from Persona 1!
The Longhunter is removed in this version, but at least there's a Addon that adds him back to the roster.
Shortened the help screens.
Changed up the weapon order around.
Pulse Rifles can now spawn in the Chaingun spots.

I also finished the Auto-Taunts and Music Pack Addons as well. The Former adds in the Taunts for both Camp, Heavy and Tal-Set (No Eriko for now), while the Latter plays tracks from Turok 1 in the levels (Includes N64/PC/GB Versions)

Sadly, No new update for the Removed and Leftover Stuff (AKA Alpha Guns) Addon yet, But it will come soon, hopefully.

Download (Edited):

Auto Taunts:
Music Pack:
Restore Longhunter:

EDIT: Have to update the Main Version to include the Pulse Rifle spawning in Chaingun spot thing. Just a very small hotfix, I guess.

V2.1.1 has been released. A Mini Bug Fix release to fix some holes.

Storm Bow now does more damage.
Fixed the Infrared acting as a Inventory Item. Before, Once picked up, It Allows you to use it two times in a row. Not anymore.
Fixed the Mag 60 playing the first idle animation after the 2nd Idle Animation has finished playing.


Download (MP Weapons):

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