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Released the Music Addon. Just like Rage Wars, It plays the tracks from the N64, PC and GBC Versions of the game.


V2.3's now out. More Changes! Although not as huge as V2.1 was, It's also what V2.2 should have been. Also, Before I move on to Turok 3 Overhaul very soon.

The Lava Gun now uses three ammo per shot when using the flamethrower mode, As it was too OP and overshadowed nearly every weapon.
Fixed a long standing issue where the Minigun's spin stop sound can be stopped by jumping.
Symbiont and War Club are now enabled as playable characters.
Moved the Support Weapons from Slot 1 to Slot 9.
The Shotgun's Alt Fire Ready Animation should no longer be slow as fuck.
Added in Rage Wars Styled Zan Items.
Fixed the Miles Being voiceless.
Fixed the PFM Mines still able to be used even when you have no ammo for them for real this time.
Added the Plasma Cannon, Both Normal and Raptor Versions.

Disable Extra Weapons:
Using Weapon Giving Cheats no longer gives the Extra Weapons to the player. The Classes are changed to reflect this.

SP Patch:
Updated the addon to support the newest added in Plasma Cannon.

Loadout Addon:
Included in the Addon Pack, Just for the sake of it.

UPDATE: 2.3.1 is out. Although it only includes Two Changes, The Main Point for this update is the Addon update it brings, including the MP Weapon Sprites Addon.


Fixed the Mech Raptor having Doom's Voice.
The Plasma Cannon now has it's own kill messages.

SP Patch:

Updated the addon to support the newest added in Plasma Cannon.
Fixed the Shotgun's Alt Fire mode still having the No random damage code.

Disable Extra Weapons:

Using Weapon Giving Cheats no longer gives the Extra Weapons to the player. The Classes are changed to reflect this.
The Mech Raptor is now armed with the Flare Gun.

New to this Mod Addon List is the MP Weapons Addon Where it changes the Weapon appearances to that of their Multiplayer Counterparts. Includes both Normal and SP Versions, as well as the MP Styled Pickups as well. It also Disables the Extra Weapons.

UPDATE2: Geez, I just can't catch a break with these hotfixes. (V2.3.2 Released)

Fixed a bug where the Nuke disappears when you release the firing button without holding it.
The Drone Blasters are moved to the plasma rifle spot for the same reasons as the Uzi.
(One More) Fixed the Drone Blasters still spawning in the chaingun spot.

Download (Addons):!CcEkEAJR!YcamcLDirhuwoVXQoMsQALRRc3Z3MpWpldd221HQncs

UPDATE3: Andddd One more hotfix, At least for the Addons.

MP Weapons:
Fixed the missing Chest Buster's Alt Fire Sprites.

Download (MP Addon):!iJdlESBJ!NoYTdriRRc-EmI5MQ5gUl9D18kLCdy1Fd-W_JpDAy7A

Decided to update V2.1.2, Both Original and Edited, as well as the Addon Pack With one hotfix:

Fixed the PFM Mines still able to be used even when you have no ammo for them.

UPDATE: V2.2 is released, Both Original and Edited, And my Addon Pack got an update as well.


The Uzi now spawns in the Super Shotgun Spot, As I thought the Shotgun Spot was too early for it to appear for it's power.
Fixed the Blade Launcher being called 'Grenades' When picked up.
Renamed TK2PistolSpawn to TKRWPistolSpawn. (Leftover since V1.0)
Fixed the Blue Keycard unable to open up any Blue Doors.
The Map Revealer Core now has updated sprites.
Picking up a Berserk now has it's own sound.

SP Patch:

Buffed the Blade Launcher.
Inflator now uses less ammo.
Nerfed Lava Gun's Flamethrower mode's damage a little bit.

Download (Edited):!KY8zHZwY!GEM3V6HkvmTeu_G6Vcg_Od2XOMrvtT4URaHHTp_Oe_0
Download (Addon Pack):!SNcR0CzA!ZohOGJNPv-fe_awOvFRS2EfO2rEM9Y_nBaAu1lsQeEk

UPDATE2: The Music Pack Addon has been released! Now you can listen to the Music from the N64 and GBC Versions of RW while you play, And it can also be used standalone as well.


It's finally here. V2.1 is out. The Largest Overhaul Update for Turok: Rage Wars Weapons in Doom ever. There's a Reason for this: The Updates were in Development Hell for a while. It may also be my biggest update I have ever done in terms of me working on it, As it took me half a year in development, Hopefully it will have been worth the wait.

Sprites no longer get cutted off when playing in 4:3 Screen.
New Title, Credit, Win and Lose Screens, Replacing the old ones. They look way better!
Bots should now be less likely to kill themselves using Explosive Weapons.
When you run out of Ammo, You should no longer switch to the Warhammer now, which leaves the Bots defenseless in deathmatches even know they still have ammo for the other weapons.
Gibbed Sounds are added.
Weapon Damage Rates are changed up, so the mod is more suited for Deathmatch play. If you want to play SP with this Mod, there's a SP Addon for that.
Boomerang has been nerfed: It now deals less damage, and it has a longer reload speed.
Some Spawners have been changed. The KEYCONF Is also changed up as well.
The Weapons from Turok 1 and Turok 2 are removed. Sorry Kidos, If you are enjoying the Weapons from T1 and T2 in a TKRW Mod, That's no longer going to happen.
Support Weapons are finally added!
Added in nearly the entire roster from Turok: Rage Wars. Not just them, Turok 1 Tal-Set and Turok 2 Joshua Fireseed are included as bonus characters, And even the TF2 Cast join in as well.
Tons of Rage Wars Styled Pickups are added in to replace the Doom ones.
Warhammer's Lights now Animate. It was originally going to be done by V2.0, but I forgot about it. Now it's fixed.
The Mag 60's Alt Ready Sound now plays when the Animation finishes.
Shotgun's Firing Rate has been made more like the Original's. Hopefully it's useful now.
The Tek Crossbow, Chest Buster, Freeze Gun, Inflator, Plasma Rifle and Emaciator now has it's almost original like effects.
The Scorpion finally now has a Alt Fire Mode added where it fires Two Rockets at once.
Fixed the Scorpion's Missiles facing the wrong way when looked at Front-Side and Behind-Side Views.
Added in the Character Lore to learn more about the Characters. It can be viewed once opened up via SLADE.
Hopefully got rid of the random damage on some of the weapons.
Emaciator's Projectiles have the Bright Flag added into them, Where I forgot to do so since the Mod's Release.
Emaciator's Alt Projectile now has it's own sprite.
Emaciator's Firing Sprite is changed for it's new Projectile.
Tek Crossbow and Freeze Gun now have their own impact sounds.
New Menu Sounds are added.
Ammo Packs are added in. These Include: Normal Ammo Pack, Which Refills your ammo by half (Replaces Backpack), Bullet, Energy and Explosive Packs, Which Refill their ammo to full (To the Ammo Spawners), The Super Ammo Pack, Which allows you to hold more Ammo as well as filling it by half, And finally, The Super Ammo Pack but with a Nuke Included inside it, Which DOES Refill your Ammo by full.
Plasma Rifle's Alt Fire no longer causes a big cast of Explosions.
Inflator's Alt Fire now casts a Ring, Like the Original game does. It also has some added in effects.
Emaciator, Chest Buster, and Inflator's Projectiles now go slower.
Chest Buster's Firing Rate should be faster.
Flare Gun's Projectiles now has Bright Flag added into them as well. They also cast a Ring Effect, Which was missing before.
Boomerang's Lights now animate.
Crosshairs from Rage Wars are added.
I gone back and edited a few firing flashes for some of the weapons to get rid some of the gray coming out of the barrel.
Added in the Shields From the Game Boy Color Version of Turok: Rage Wars.
Included a little bit of the Manual from the Original Game.
Added in the Three Animal Characters from the game's Frag Tag Mode. They are meant as Joke Characters: They only start with the Raptor Claws, and just like in the Original, only have 10 Health. However, Unlike in Rage Wars, They can get their health to 100, and are able to pick up weapons.
Removed the black dot in one of the Mag 60 Frames.
To make up for the Removal of T1 and T2 Weapons, Some Extra, Fan-made Weapons are added, Sticking closer to Rage Wars Style in terms of sounds and animations.
Changed up the fire rate for some of the weapons.



V2.1.1: And then comes a Hotfix Release that fixes some holes!

Fixed the Swing Power Not Find Error Message popping up when using the Claw weapons.
Hidden Room Found sounds are added.
Fixed a spelling grammar error in one of the help screens.
Fixed the Keys being too big.
Fixed the key found sound being missed, and the Doom sounds playing in the menu.


V2.1.2: Oh god, here comes another Hotfix release!

Fixed the big-ass keys when using the Fullscreen HUD.
Added another Crosshair.!XBsmXajI!dSL5lZAu-kM3XUy8VSPENy9sGQtcQsByspmukRQUafw


The First two Addons has been released: SP Patch and Disable Extra Weapons. SP Patch changes up the weapons to be suited more for SP play, While Disable Extra Weapons removes all of the Extra Weapons from Spawners (But using the Weapon giving cheats will still give them to you)


It's Back. After about half a year without any updates, V1.9 is out.

The Weapon Spawner Roles have been changed: The Plasma Rifle now takes the Super Shotgun Spawner spot: Firestorm takes the Plasma Rifle Spawner Spot, and Assault Rifle the Chaingun Spawner Spot.
Plasma Rifle's Shots can now do Blast Damage, And the Alt Fire Damage has been nerfed. Also, The Explosion Sprite is made smaller.
Nearly All the Weapons no longer get Cutted off when Playing in 4:3 Screen.
Bore moves slower, And can no longer Rip Enemies.
Some weapons has Blood come out of enemies when using them.
Fixed some bugs.
Backported a lot of the Stuff from Turok 2 SP Weapons's Latest Update: Player Characters, Items, Keys, and some improvements.
Replaced the Credits Screen with the one from Turok 2 SP Weapons.

Download (Original):!jM9ERIbA!DBr1jAwu4AePUQOXHg6DhrB1bHcESMYQEXgURR5fC8E
Download (Edited):!SNlwyIwI!pkwbceikfJdfAMwZFM1GsinkcflMfOgOLuvgnEdM1J0

Not long after, With Turok 2 Still in my mind, V2.2 is released. And a Edited Build at the same time, too! (Addons will come next day)

Fixed the Secret Found Sound being broken.
Added in the remaining Powerups to replace the Doom ones.
Keys are now in, Replacing the Doom ones.
All of the Characters now have their own voices. They still reuse the Doom Sprites though until the later update.
Fixed the Box of Shotgun Shells Ammo Pickup being way too small.
The Tranq Gun now has a Reloading Animation after using the Alt Fire. Before, The Gun used the Idle Sprite for Cooldown, Now the gun lowers down for the player to pump the side of the gun,
then he lowers it up.
Added in Effects for the Shredder.
Smoke Effects are added for most of the weapons.
The Charge Dart Rifle's Alt Fire Mode has been removed, due to how broken it could be. Also, The Gun no longer needs charge up before you can fire it, As a Placeholder for now until I can code in the Real Charge up Effect.
Added in the Original game's Crosshair.

Download (Original):!jZMlnKzI!irZP-EIMfThBbwO1Ugu42dsmFO2CywCqc39j3miwVrk
Download (Edited):!qRl2VQrA!Gqc_aYiSKG495h9TDu5AzA3ZUDKnLJe2LqosScSR8xM

EDIT: Updated the Edited Build with a Hot Fix to include the Missing Items.

Been a while, Guys. But V2.1 is released!

The Nuke, War Blade and Razor Wind has new pickup sprites.
Shells now come out of the Guns Correctly.
Most of the kill messages has been updated.
Spawners for the weapons are changed (Geez, how many times I have to update this?)
Most of the Health pickups can no longer heal you up to 200.
Picking up a backpack will now refill flare gun ammo up to 300.
Armor, Backpack and Health Pickups are all replaced with their Turok 2 Counterparts.
Ultra and Full Health Pickups are moved to replace two of the powerups.
Fixed the German Voice being broken.
Almost all of the Playable Characters are added. However, All of them reuse Turok's Voice (Or Tal-set if you are using other) until they get their own voices in a later update.




This Music Pack for Turok 1 replaces the PC Soundtrack With Music from Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku/Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Not only it has Music from the Original Game, It also has tracks from MIDI Power Pro 6 ~Akumajo Dracula X Gekka no Nocturne~ (1998) Album, and in one track, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

How To install

Just copy the 'pc' Folder to your music folder. Make sure you make a backup before you do this, just in case you wanna go back to the Original Soundtrack.


Updated to V2, Now with new Tracks included. Setting the soundtrack to N64 now has tracks from Rondo Of Blood and Dracula X Chronicles, While the PC Soundtrack now has the Dracula X (SNES) Music. All Tracks should loop, and now they sound louder.


BEHIND OBLIVION IS AT HAND AGAIN! It's Back, With a V2.0 Release and a Updated MP Weapon Addon!


Melee Weapons swing faster now, But now does less damage.
Most of the Weapons got nerfed or buffed.
Updated The Flame kill with the Fireswarm obituary.
Bores now move a little bit slower, And can no longer Rip Enemies.
Changed up some Spawners again.

MP Weapon Addon:!bFdm3S7C!ufRZYJxyozQ9QV736KChh_2zIhLd0Q9HQbeoGvLOXtY

Added in the Remaining Weapons.
Updated the Addon to Support th... You should already know this.
Fixed the Weapon Offsets.
Fixed a Issue where you can't find any Ammo for the Firestorm and Sniper Rifle (They use the SP Item Pickups as a Placeholder)

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