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Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Re: Brutal Turok 0.3c
« on: February 13, 2016, 09:28:34 PM »
ok so the following comment has very little to do with Brutal Turok but i think i feel like posting it just to keep things "lively":

the following was a quick export / conversion to player weapon of the tomahawk axe from the intro sequence that is thrown at the lizard during the opening logos.

i promise to you guys im working as fast as i can on this next brutal turok update and i will have it out hopefully very soon....

Other Games / Porting Duke Nukem Zero Hour to PC
« on: February 13, 2016, 04:54:17 PM »


In time... after i have a solid Brutal Tutok update out and it uploaded to MOD DB, i will work on the side and then soon full time: towards porting Duke Nukem Zero Hour to the Kex engine. ( on PC ) the very engine that Turok 1 on steam runs off of. :) just wanted to give people a heads up since this is the first time i announced this. will see how this goes ;)

model data, first level, Dukes control room with the hologram earth globe  and the duke himself.

"hail to the king baby!"


and for fun why not make some bonus levels or "secret levels" based on levels from duke nukem 3d N64 version that we can visit in zero hour :)
EDIT: the following pictures are level data ripped from the N64 version of Duke Nukem 3d, this idea is just a thought, a "concept" that may be a intresting feature in a PC verison of duke nukem zero hour, and may not be in a final zero hour production:

for the sake of legality i must state that this is a mod that is in development and is in no way an article or substance that is being manufactured or refined for sale.

This is really cool i think I liked the video on youtube and subscribed. Man we will go far and dude you got skill

thanks for your comment rok. i have a deep lingering feeling that the kex engine and turok will really be taking off here soon. . . :)

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Re: Brutal Turok 0.3c
« on: February 13, 2016, 01:57:27 PM »
i will try to get more pictures and updates out soon, and very soon ill hopefully have Brutal Turok 0.4 Posted here for download in this main post. for now Brutal Turok 0.3's download link can be found on Turoks steam community hub forums

EDIT: its just i have big plans for this next Brutal Turok update so it may take a day or so, or three...

Also I suggest for 4 rocket launcher this model :) M202 Flash


Thats so funny you say that becuse i have this model sitting in my folder just waiting to be ported to turok lol. yup this quad launcher is one of my fav. and it was first in line for this fireworks mod, but i decided on the LAW, orignaly if i had more time i would of added firework sound effects to the mod aswell, i would of done the sprites correctly, the firework sprites in this mod are a bit off, there were suppose to be animited sprites of a firework blowing up, very fluid but  instead they just go all over the place, still looks nice though, i wanted to add bottle rocket whistling sounds to a single rocket that would come out of the law, but time was just to short and i wanted to get this out on turoks forums first birthday! l) next years fireworks mod will be epic tho so no worrys ;)

so yes this is in line to be added to turok. all new weapons will be addons and not replacements. and most will be part of the Brutal Turok mod that both me and Duke64 develop. a few other people help to now and again. 

Great model of M72 law :) but you need move this model close to right side ;)
you have a good eye nfsfan for i belive your right; the model is also to far out, when the player moves very fast around we can see the back end of the LAW . ill get around to adding this model to something, and when i do ill keep this in mind ;)

Last night was fun. I had a good day on Turok forums 1 year b day, can't wait to see what's in store for us in the future

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Re: Brutal Turok 0.3c
« on: February 13, 2016, 08:35:56 AM »
Snake Plissken you made amazing job, but is it possible to add some weapons like this:

I mean real guns :)

I'll keep these in mind thanks. Yeah I replaced guns at first but then we decided to keep the vanilla aspects and when it comes to guns we will just add new guns, more guns to the weapon wheel.mfor now anyways. So far the only thing replaced is a new tree/bush I added to brutal Turok that can be seen in the current version of brutal Turok

Like it: yes, that one in perticular: im not sure but surly it can be done. tell me where this picture is from and if i can get my hands on the model data i can see what i can do. but only if you really wanna see something it game! ;) .  i actully have a m16 looks just like that on standby for porting to the game but i jus been bizzy with other departments of the game and im planing on getting to it but in time.
    The cool part about this great Turok remaster and its engine is that they accept .obj models only ( for now ) . but thiss .obj model is like the most universal model out there, most everyone makes a version of there model along with a version in .obj because its so easy to export to and its the most easy model format to convert to other model formats.

So the picture of M16A2 with M203 gun model is from

but also nice model of this gun you can find in Battlefild 2

It will be great if you can replace nice but low poly models with new one. Of course Desert Eagle for replace pistol it will be great too:

perhaps it may be a good idea one day to make mid or high poly versions of all the models already in game, so we have the same old turok but looking  2.0 . i dont plan on this anytime soon though but its a good idea i think.

i think you will like this nice update, im working on a desert eagle model to, i may just take the one from DNF and bring it on over here ;) anyways it would good becuse that deagle is golden in DNF, and here in turok i am really makeing progress in a custom prog im working on . i can also make any gun or object or part of a model and not the rest: shinny like silver, steel, or even gold, the effect looks great...

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Re: Brutal Turok 0.3c
« on: February 13, 2016, 08:32:26 AM »
I can picture him saying I AM TUROK in that picture haha
hmm wish we had a Turok voice actor in the community.

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Re: Brutal Turok 0.3c
« on: February 13, 2016, 08:31:28 AM »
This one comes to my mind first for the m16 :)

. Ah right. That's a great post to, the comics will influence a lot of my/our work. Between the TV premiers, movie(s) and comics we can really bring Turok to the next level. Next Tuesday I'm going to sit down and read and watch all of them. It's been a wile ;)

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