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Hopefully this thread hasn't been done yet, but I haven't seen one...

Anyway, what's some real dumb things you've done in a Turok game?


The other night I was playing the Death Marshes and 2/3 ammunition dumps, I died while escaping. I know it's been a while, but I still know how to play this game. xD

I had the brightness at normal (I love the dark ambiance) when in the past I would've kept it high, but I was running blind into a wall/box. Flashlights/Flairs don't work on the emulator but it was a stupid way to die, none the less. The second time I kind went the other way, when I should've just used the map to follow the way I came.

I'm sure you all have much more funnier noob moments, though? xD

Turok General Discussion / Turok Roots
« on: November 08, 2015, 04:00:20 AM »
That's good to hear because that's exactly why I made the forum. There was no place for us to rally up for all of the games. A place for all of the games, comics, and other historical stuff Turok has done. Most people don't realize the full Turok story I hoped to create a place we can connect like this. Welcome trust me all of us felt the same way before not seeing a Turok community :/ I see Duke nukem, Doom, 007 communities so why not Turok kicks ass. Thanks for joining and sharing new Turok :P

It must've been 5 years already, since I first played them on an emulator but I remember how hard it was to find others interested in the series. You can look at places such as Tumblr and DeviantArt but you might not find a lot of results.

Was "Turok" inspired from any Native American legends or an actual name they use? I always wanted to know where the idea first started, besides from appearing in old comics.

Info/Help / Re: Welcome new member
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:26:12 AM »

Too bad I couldn't really find much Turok related sites a few years ago, but I'm glad I found it now! :D

Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / Re: T3 Characters
« on: November 06, 2015, 01:06:30 PM »
As much as I love the bad ass female characters and to see a female Turok, I did find Joseph's weaponry more suitable to my play style at the time, but I did play them both. Being a sniper was cool but I loved Danielle's Firestorm Cannon. I haven't played it in years, but I should at some time.

From what I remember, Danielle was the character that I first played.

Anything Else / Re: Random Post
« on: November 06, 2015, 12:47:45 PM »

I was playing this level earlier and yeah... I always found these creatures the most bizarre. xD

Info/Help / Re: Welcome new member
« on: November 06, 2015, 10:52:38 AM »
Well welcome, it is quite hard to find Turok stuff at least before this site. But search no more. Glad to have another fan of Turok here and hope you enjoy :) I felt the same way when I found this forum excited to see people so deep into Turok instead of just casual interest.

These days I've been into playing God of War Multiplayer, but I gave it a rest because of TV problems. It gave me time to play Seeds of Evil and remember how much I enjoyed the game. Also, I remembered how frustrating some enemies were to kill! *Wastes all my ammo on a Juggernaut* xD I don't know how active I will be because I don't always post a lot on forums like I use to, but I'll always check in.

The lore of Turok and the backstories are interesting. Of course, the weapons are always memorable. The Cerebral Bore is one of the most sinister weapons that I've seen in a game, but I really love the Fusion Canon and Chronoscepter. Also, a simple shotgun with explosive shells is always fun to use and I can't forget the Razor Wind. I hate how it gets stuck, though. xD I love the creativity with weapons in games.

Welcome man subscribed your youtube channel to nice metroid video :)


I'm not sure if I'll upload a lot, though. I mainly created an account because I had a G-Mail for a while and I wanted to talk to some other players from the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer. I may randomly upload something, but I don't have FRAPS. I'm being cautious about downloading programs after the other month, when I had to reformat after a BSoD/corrupt system files. SNES9X can record but the AVI files are massive. I'll figure it out.

Info/Help / Re: Welcome new member
« on: November 06, 2015, 09:26:46 AM »
Welcome! : ) I like what you wrote there, Hades.


It's good to see that Turok is still alive. I know there's a lot of people that grew up with it and still play it, but it's hard to find a lot of stuff related to it (fan art, etc...). I've read the Wikia about the storyline of how the Primagen was awakened and that. I actually read it a few years ago and found out this was based on an old comic series.

PS: Those Nalas are probably the funniest looking creatures that I've seen in that game! xD

Info/Help / Re: Welcome new member
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:35:18 AM »
Hi, I'm "Hades" (it's not my real name but more a nickname on another site). My registered username is my YouTube name, but I changed it to the one you now see and it fits much better. Anyway, I found this forum last night while searching for more news on that Dinosaur Hunter remake that I've heard about and thought I'd join.

I've been playing Seeds of Evil again. I had this game on N64 back in the day, but the console has since died so I have to play this on emulator. I've also played Shadow of Oblivion and enjoyed it, but I still prefer the first two games. I haven't played Evolution but I'd like to at some stage.

I like old and new games. Also, I'm an occasional artist with Photoshop. It takes time for me to make art and I'm no expert. Apart from that, I can photo edit pretty good. My edits were atrocious back in 2008 (before I had GIMP & CS5) but I've since gotten better.

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