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Turok Rage Wars / Turok Rage wars assets based mod
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:19:22 AM »
Here are some videos of the assets...

This is a work in progress


in order to import at the very least, a custom model we must follow what we know from turok 1 when it comes to most everything other then whats in the pipeline, creating and formatting the 3d models and groups in a model, how the .obj's usemtl param needs to line up with the .mtl's newmtl and the materials and how the params are declared by name will instate and present input for the name of the kmat materials file path. this is not working here.

convertobj can not reach a .kmat file
this all may just be a product of creating a testmodelA.objtestmodelB.mtl, or a mis-understanding becuse this is how it has had to of been done for wile now in turok 1. i noticed doing the same here allows for the scanning of the .obj to happen.... perhaps modelname.mtlmodelname.obj trick is a reflection of a core issue at hand, idk. question is how to get pass the issue

the "convertobj" command is unable to match the mtlib with the material path.

inside testmodelA.obj:
usemtl materials/mat_testmodel/surf_01
inside testmodelA.mtl
newmtl materials/mat_testmodel/surf_01
map_Kd textures/turoktest_1/6a94e5e4.png
and inside materials/mat_modeltest.kmat:
material surftest_01

as you can tell i didnt include all the code from each file just what highlights the issue at hand.


for testing only as its unstable and ill explain how its unstable later on.
posses the ability to monitor your system and
the situation, and know when enough is enough, otherwise don't do anything you may see in this post.
 if any issues go unnoticed with your system its your own fault no one elses. and you acknowledge that by downloading or enabling anything, that may have been explained here, regardless if you didn't here it here first. everything else should be a product of others and there distributions of my or there own files.

this in all actuality is the default vanilla editor with no module loaded. keep this in mind.

first off... only download this if your willing AND able to aid in the development of "our" Brutal Turok 2 mod. this is for testers only. and be aware that by following these instructions, you will be unable to use any online features and steam achievements will be disabled...
do as you must but I cant stress enough that running what im about to speak about, can do harm to your computer, if you do not have a overall awareness on how the software works, and how computers work, and how they work together. basically don't download. now then this is my Module for running the editor, in reality this is simply the "default editor enabled", but between you being responsible for your computer, and that this editor is not officially supported for being in use to whatever extent the matter in tails, trust me use this at your own danger, and awareness. as straight forward as it is of a concept: "there is wisdom in an abundance of counselors". and I also do everything with reason so this should put into motion a few more steps towards an little project of mine with the kex engine.

 with that being said... the editor is programmable and I wish to intend towards making my own custom environment and graphical interface for it.

here is a download.. im going to type out some more stuff on the forums, and ill update this one if somethings not right, also add more info...

"there is wisdom in an abundance of counselors" sorry I don't host files or anything or havnt had a need for it enough to look into a better hosting . note: somebody contact me if you would like to host files, or content on behalf of me.
ii.extract the compressed file, that's right its a 7zip file. let a sense of willingness sort'em out - hopefully this way there will be less people who will download this and associate it with the next time there computer brakes
open the command console
type in developer 1
quit the game
start the game again
open console and run exec snakesautoexec

 now restart the game to be safe, and let the game load a bit  , press f7 for a level im working on. press f8 for the module'd editor.
spellcheck coming soon...

many days ago when I took up making this mod I promised to do a good job, so ill lay it out. understand its a one man army or take equal , full responsibility, by  helping me make what, in time, will be a dame good mod.
 if am going to work a custom module for the editor. ill need more free time. and right now I had a lot of things come up, and a few misfortunes because of it. in a few mins ill explain what we as a community could use and help. there needs to be half way bright minds at the very least, willing to step forth and understand the circumstances we face, we have the ability to be proprietors, founding fathers, of a community that's going to last.. a very long time.. I say we try to control a context, as awful as that sounds we have a chance to do good. so feel free to post if your down to help with things. and ill also go on some where here in a few mins about just what has been accomplished, and perhaps some help brutal turok can use, otherwise its just me and, its still going to be epic.

 This is a map included with the game but perhaps not in the game, at least not at the time of righting this and working on it. I added a small few things to test some things out.. I think you'll be able to tell what was there, and what I did. I did not make the original map. somebody most likely in the early 90s did. or designed it, and it was constructed from parts with ex and its editor functions. youll be able to tell what I did within the level used.

( please stand by as I fill this out throughout the day with the known knowledge of modding on the this version of the kex platform and turok 2 )

///NOTE: none-published work in progress, all of this is subjected to, and chances are will change

section = topic

section I : tools
part I : commands
part II  : external utilities
part III : editor
section II assets creation, development, pipeline
part I textures
part i: slide-show single animation sets with textanimset

part II models import - export
part i: import a singular state 3d asset or staticmesh
part ii: import a animiated 3d model
part ii: export a singular state 3d asset or staticmesh

part III: genral usage and development
part i: .objs unquly formatted for kex animaiting, obj kex tags, position of wavefront tags for kex importing.

part ii:

part III

section III: defs
part I: each Def explained within context of turok 2 EX structured model
section IV: scripts
part I angelscript in kex / angelscript with kex
part II perposes of each script within turok 2 EX structured model.
part III

section V: particles
part I particle files explained:
   particle files are a type of definition and decleration of, and for, a type of object that would admit a sound, or asset, and/or to trigger a event, in game. the combination of this ability can allow for the creation of new sparks, or splashing water, the light dripping from a flare after shot, ect. You can consider a .particle file, each one, as the main workings, or engine, or inner workings, or whats responsible for a givin particle you may see in game as each one is repsersented by its own .particle file to define part of its exsistance, how it will act, how fast, how slow, what it will do when its finished doing it, ect. all the particles you may see in game have a .particle file responsible for it. you can create your own .particle file and in that your own new particle in game, and you can then, if you wish to do so, call on it to happen from within a script, so for exsample if you have added a new weapon, and wish to have it shoot a new type of bullet, or maby smoke with the bullet, then you would of had made a new bullet.partcle and/or a custom smoke.particle of some sort, and would want to add it to a weapons script you may of newly included for the new weapon. and you would add your smoke or bullet .particle to occure within EndFire or on BeginFire, but that's a mixture of 4 different storys and to keep it short : particle files are used to make and customize your particle and they can be called on by name by different methods depending on the nature of witch you wish to call it on.  particle files are primarly called on within each other, and orignaly within a script ( i.e: scripts/ .txt or newly included script)

part II
part ...
                eventID = 28 //28 //"SEvent_ObjectGenerateAnimatedInstance_snaketest"
                params = { 201.000000 1.500000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 }

onImpact phases if the engine had refrenced animtype = and if met allows for onImpact to be triggered. its used to call on other .particles or declared events by ID. in this case we would spawn a raptoid....

[10]= i don't recall at the moment, but these represent parts of something, or ways of interacting with parts of something, and are of importants. more soon....
eventID= 28 can call on animations, scripts, some things from inside common.txt. what is a defined event and how to define a new one, comeing soon...
/// eventid = 28. the 28 stands for the ACTION_EVENT_SPAWN in actions.txt and actionobjects.txt
params = { 201.000000 ... well formatted parameter system, where the number 201.00000 represents what actor to spawn, and in this case, what bad guy, and in this case actorid 201: a raptoid

more coming soon...
spellcheck coming soon...
///NOTE: none-published work in progress

Brutal Turok 2: link is in the vid description

Edit: update, here you go:

so yeah I mean you know... its good to have full control on the 2nd day of the games release, this way brutal turok 2 will be done right- I mean brutal turok 1 was done right, but it never started and I have this update for it still I need to push out.  I know I have not talked a lot latly but don't worry brutal turok is not dead . the next update will be good, and now with this brutal turok 2 will be insured in brutality. so yeah wish me luck ill work on things 24/7 till I get the updates out.

note that I just wanted to inform you im hard at work on brutal turok so don't forget it. or do. the thing with the editor is it is not supported by the developers yet, they are unable to support bug submissions even at the moment so for all seriousness the editor shouldn't even be considered released yet.

with that being said if theres anyone wanting to help me out with random things from textures creation and modeling or anything feel free to reach out to me and tell me what your good at if you wanna help your on board the team.
( no worrys tho- its been a one man army thus far pretty much and that's why this nextupdate is going to be nice, for brutal turok 1, and so on and so on thanks for your time... )

Anything Else / Random brodcasts
« on: March 03, 2016, 08:24:48 PM »

Snake Plisskens 24/7 Desktop Brodcast feed, and the things he works on from unreal to cry engine to the best of them all... the one and only kex engine and turok 1 by nightdive. see me work on things like brutal turok and what no. :)
    anyone else got any broadcasts things going? post it if you can. thanks.

Other Games / Porting Duke Nukem Zero Hour to PC
« on: February 13, 2016, 04:54:17 PM »


In time... after i have a solid Brutal Tutok update out and it uploaded to MOD DB, i will work on the side and then soon full time: towards porting Duke Nukem Zero Hour to the Kex engine. ( on PC ) the very engine that Turok 1 on steam runs off of. :) just wanted to give people a heads up since this is the first time i announced this. will see how this goes ;)

model data, first level, Dukes control room with the hologram earth globe  and the duke himself.

"hail to the king baby!"


and for fun why not make some bonus levels or "secret levels" based on levels from duke nukem 3d N64 version that we can visit in zero hour :)
EDIT: the following pictures are level data ripped from the N64 version of Duke Nukem 3d, this idea is just a thought, a "concept" that may be a intresting feature in a PC verison of duke nukem zero hour, and may not be in a final zero hour production:

for the sake of legality i must state that this is a mod that is in development and is in no way an article or substance that is being manufactured or refined for sale.

I would like to thank so much people for this game, and these forums, Turok has come along way, and i would of never thought that i would of been  doing this kind of things with Turok 19 years later after playing it for the first time.  today is a day in history. these forums will go far, and in the long hull Turok and the Kex engine may just be the next big thing. Thank you to everyone who is a member of this fourm. everyone who made Turok possible and wanted it again, thank you to everyone all the way around and most of all Happy birthday to you long live us all.



UPDATE: 12/24/2016

    The latest version of Turok will be made available here. The Version available here will always be more up-to-date then the versions found elsewhere. for now, I repacked made a few changes, simple'd the logic behind a script or two, then packed it into a mod.kpf for compatibility with the Steam Workshop. When I find a safe and good way to host a file for hosting, ill then be able to provide a link here, its just a matter of time, and ill update this message when I do.

Here is a link to Brutal Turok 0.3.1 on the Steam Workshop






a download link to the latest update and more info soon....

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