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Turok Dinosaur Hunter / Re: Turok EX
« on: February 12, 2016, 12:29:41 AM »
greatest game ever.

UPDATE: 12/24/2016

    The latest version of Turok will be made available here. The Version available here will always be more up-to-date then the versions found elsewhere. for now, I repacked made a few changes, simple'd the logic behind a script or two, then packed it into a mod.kpf for compatibility with the Steam Workshop. When I find a safe and good way to host a file for hosting, ill then be able to provide a link here, its just a matter of time, and ill update this message when I do.

Here is a link to Brutal Turok 0.3.1 on the Steam Workshop






a download link to the latest update and more info soon....

Well the editor will release sooner or later. So I thought I would start a little topic about types of levels we would like to see or make.

My list consists of some maps from:

Duke 3D - Hollywood or Red Light District

Doom- The Hangar

Blood - Cradle to grave

Shadow Warrior - Seppuku Station

As for originals or start from scratch maps I hope to see some:

Comic based levels - Levels based solely on Turok Dinosaur Hunter or Son of Stone comics.

Story plot twist levels - Levels that could possibly continue a story or levels that add something in between that still make sense.

Or creative new stories- Maps that make sense in the world of Turok!

I have plenty of ideas but I was hoping to see if anyone else had some light bulbs of there own :))

total conversion/ a mod, or what i'll prob like calling in the end : a full on Game would be something i already intend on working on :

  Something I would likesee and already intend  to port to kex is Duke Nukem: ZERO HOUR. to the Kex engine. its very much possible, its only a matter of ripping the models out of the game, everything on screen and in some conditions wile the screen/game is in motion along with a custom "plugin" for the selected emulator to run the game on pc first.. and then its  a matter of taking all the model data that can be converted to .obj ; the model format the Kex engine uses.  and placing this model data in game, in both ways that they can then be used in parts for building levels, and level designing worlds and rooms. and for placing static objects on the maps, we will even in time be able to make animations with the editor tools they say are coming out. but ill have the model data gathered and ported to the game handled.
     In the end its Duke Nukem zero hour basically in its original entirety as seen on n64, we could then add some really next gen effects compared to how duke was in n54 zero hour, but that dosnt need to be done if it would ruin it for others. My custom prog file im working on is another story.

     When it comes to what i would like to see in level design and in that of what the editor will be able to do outside of a fully functional map editor and creator is:   Duke nukem from the PlayStation games to be ported story voices models levels and all. to kex and maby this little duke nukem thing ( by this time ) we would have going on . maby we can make it one big thing in the end, with different episodes like duke 3d and all. but each episode could be 1 game:  like Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (ps) land of the babes (ps ) could be the next , time to kill zero hour, maby Manhattan project hell it its Microsoft it can be gotten outta there lol. all im 98% sure i can get the models out of there, and if not well in time but zero hour is a 100% thing.  ps version of duke nukem 3d had its own episode of levels that where not featured on anyother platform. oh also if i do any of these games, half i know for sure i can get in there , wile another 90% i can get the model data out of it and be good to go, if not in time....

hello this is my first post you guys, thanks for having me. i still gotta set up my profile but i wanted to zoom through the forms and see how things where doin :)

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