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Hey, I have 2 problems:
I would like to see option for: 'Host an image', during posting. Maybe same site for hosting images that is already on other Turok 2 Mp forum: www.servimg.com?
Navigation try many pages  is a bit hard for me, cos numbers are small (1.2.3...7), is there way to make it to show more numbers, cos section will grow, and to make it bigger so we can click on it easy? Ty.

Vis, this topic isnt large enough to actually be a topic. just use postimg to host your pictures like i do.

Hmm, I just started it...Dunno, where to put this post, but I think is not for category 'not ask it' lol.


One idea more, cos I got in next situation many times: New players asking help, but they not use steam or any other program, where we could do chat, part cos they not like, part cos program spying us, so I can understand motives, so in short, could be possible that we get chat program, here, that not saves messages, which can use guest, without any login process and rest, just to form place which I can recommend new guys, which will associate them with this forum, where we can fast help them or do some kind of private things? On other forum there is similar solution, but people must register or it functioning different, like guestbook, which I would like to see separate. Well, that new ability of forum would really help them and all us. Would be fantastic for people who like general talk, but with subjects that are from real life, so they could do own there : ) Like people who are become friends and such.. Well.


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