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So I have done quite a few updates now but they are spread about. I decided for clean purposes I will keep them all in on spot here. But I will not include any from before and just start new from here.

The topic is locked for reading purpose only, feel free to discuss it in a random post section or general talk :P


*Added an "anything else" board to the forums- Feel free to discuss some other games or as it says anything else.

*Chat added and now adjusted on home page in the middle underneath title and description of our forum.

Moved Turok mp forum down in general discussion to avoid the confusion between our board.

Added a member group named "Protector" These people will live by the sword die by the sword for this forum and I thank you. Hopefully as we grow this can stand out and mean something. If you think this is a bad idea first let me tell you they have no special permissions and its only an outlook to who exactly would protect our land.

There color will be orange

if you disagree with this thought please let me know through a pm and explain it could be changed.

I am not trying to single out but these 2 so far have showed more then dedication. Not saying others are not as good but just look at it these 2 belong as protectors. Much love to all my Turok fam.

Moved Random Post topic to Anything Else board as suggested by Dinomite.


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