Author Topic: Turok 2 EX Modding Help and Support Thread  (Read 1410 times)

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Turok 2 EX Modding Help and Support Thread
« on: March 18, 2017, 03:16:00 PM »
( please stand by as I fill this out throughout the day with the known knowledge of modding on the this version of the kex platform and turok 2 )

///NOTE: none-published work in progress, all of this is subjected to, and chances are will change

section = topic

section I : tools
part I : commands
part II  : external utilities
part III : editor
section II assets creation, development, pipeline
part I textures
part i: slide-show single animation sets with textanimset

part II models import - export
part i: import a singular state 3d asset or staticmesh
part ii: import a animiated 3d model
part ii: export a singular state 3d asset or staticmesh

part III: genral usage and development
part i: .objs unquly formatted for kex animaiting, obj kex tags, position of wavefront tags for kex importing.

part ii:

part III

section III: defs
part I: each Def explained within context of turok 2 EX structured model
section IV: scripts
part I angelscript in kex / angelscript with kex
part II perposes of each script within turok 2 EX structured model.
part III

section V: particles
part I particle files explained:
   particle files are a type of definition and decleration of, and for, a type of object that would admit a sound, or asset, and/or to trigger a event, in game. the combination of this ability can allow for the creation of new sparks, or splashing water, the light dripping from a flare after shot, ect. You can consider a .particle file, each one, as the main workings, or engine, or inner workings, or whats responsible for a givin particle you may see in game as each one is repsersented by its own .particle file to define part of its exsistance, how it will act, how fast, how slow, what it will do when its finished doing it, ect. all the particles you may see in game have a .particle file responsible for it. you can create your own .particle file and in that your own new particle in game, and you can then, if you wish to do so, call on it to happen from within a script, so for exsample if you have added a new weapon, and wish to have it shoot a new type of bullet, or maby smoke with the bullet, then you would of had made a new bullet.partcle and/or a custom smoke.particle of some sort, and would want to add it to a weapons script you may of newly included for the new weapon. and you would add your smoke or bullet .particle to occure within EndFire or on BeginFire, but that's a mixture of 4 different storys and to keep it short : particle files are used to make and customize your particle and they can be called on by name by different methods depending on the nature of witch you wish to call it on.  particle files are primarly called on within each other, and orignaly within a script ( i.e: scripts/ .txt or newly included script)

part II
part ...
                eventID = 28 //28 //"SEvent_ObjectGenerateAnimatedInstance_snaketest"
                params = { 201.000000 1.500000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 }

onImpact phases if the engine had refrenced animtype = and if met allows for onImpact to be triggered. its used to call on other .particles or declared events by ID. in this case we would spawn a raptoid....

[10]= i don't recall at the moment, but these represent parts of something, or ways of interacting with parts of something, and are of importants. more soon....
eventID= 28 can call on animations, scripts, some things from inside common.txt. what is a defined event and how to define a new one, comeing soon...
/// eventid = 28. the 28 stands for the ACTION_EVENT_SPAWN in actions.txt and actionobjects.txt
params = { 201.000000 ... well formatted parameter system, where the number 201.00000 represents what actor to spawn, and in this case, what bad guy, and in this case actorid 201: a raptoid

more coming soon...
spellcheck coming soon...
///NOTE: none-published work in progress
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