Author Topic: Turok 3 Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.9 & Scraped Weapon)  (Read 6379 times)

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After a long time of Waiting without any Updates, Turok 3 Weapons in Doom Comes back with V1.6!

Added in Casings when Pistols are Fired.
Made the Silenced Pistol fire Even Faster.
Updated the Tek Bow's obituary Kill Message when killing players with the Arrow itself and not the Explosion Itself.
Updated the HP Drainer's Obituary Kill Message.
Made the Arrow, Tek Arrow, Rocket and Bore use Sprites from Turok 3's Models instead of using Turok 2 Placeholders.
Added Bouncing Sounds for the Grenades.
Shredder's Shots now make sounds when they Hit something.
Added the Spear and Razor Wind. (Spear Uses Tomahawk's Pickup Icon as a Placeholder)
Fixed a Long Standing Issue where the Storm Bow Fires Normal Bow's Arrows.
Buffed the Napalm Cannon so it does more damage.


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Edited Build Version V1.6B is released
(Check out Page 1 in this topic for download)

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Re: Turok 3 Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.8)
« Reply #22 on: May 05, 2018, 03:34:24 PM »
V1.7 Has been released.

You can now Pick up Arrows Fired from Bow and Storm Bow and use them again.
Tomahawk, Blade and Spear now have More Swing Animations instead of just one.
The Tomahawk and Blade no longer hit More than once in their Original Swing Animation.
Some Weapons now have Fastprojectile in their Coding for Improved Aiming.
The Firestorm Cannon now uses it's own Ammo, And the Damage Buff is undone.
Lost One's Voices are finally added in.
The Spear now has it's Own Pickup Sprite, Replacing the Placeholder one.



After a Long Time of Waiting, Turok 3 Weapons in Doom Mod comes back for V1.8, With lots of Changes:

Added in the PSG.
Added in the Multiplayer Ammo Pickups.
T3 Keycards are Added, But they do nothing: For now.
Doom Armor now plays the Original Sound instead of the Turok 3 One.
Added in Berserk, Cloak, Multiplayer Health Pickups, And Shield.
Shredder now fires the same Shots as the Original Game.
Fireswarm and Shredder no longer fire up less Shots when having less than 5 Ammo for them.
Weapon Icons are Added in.
Melee Weapons now have Sounds when they hit Walls, and the Hit Sound now only plays once per Hit.
Replaced the Bore Pickup Placeholder. Removed the Two Bores ammo Pickup and Replaced it with All of the Ammo in the Mod.
All of the Melee Weapons can use Berserk Packs.
The Secret Found Sound is now back into it's Original State.
Tek Bow's Explosion is no longer huge.
You now start with the Spear instead of the Blade as it's now a Pickup.
Updated Knife's Obituary.
Added the Taunt System. However, Unreal Tournament 99's Male One Voices are used instead of Turok's Voice.



Fixed up the PSG A little bit.
Finally added in the Title Logo in the Menus.
Fixed the Spear's Berserk Doing 13 Damage.

Hotfixed V1.8.

PSG's Explosion Sound can now be heard from a far.
Fixed the Shells having the Gravity of Outer Space.
Given Turok 2's Voice His Expanded Voice Set.
Fixed the Title Logo being Big as hell.

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Turok 3 Doom V1.8B is done!

=Turok 3 Doom v1.8B Hotfixes=
Gives Grenade Launcher a GRENADETRAIL
Improved the Firing Flashes
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Re: Turok 3 Weapons in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.9)
« Reply #24 on: October 20, 2018, 03:19:05 PM »

Buffed the Mag 60's Firing Rate Once More.
Bow and Tek Bow can now fire their Arrows without needing a Full Pull: However the Arrows go by their half the Normal Speed.
The PSG Now has it's own Ammo Pool.
Silenced Pistol Now has it's Firing Rate buffed a little bit.
Fixed the Bore Ammo Pickups being called Cores.
Fixed up one of Spear's Animations.
Bow and HP Drainer's Pick up Sprites are Updated.
Fixed PSG's Kill Messages.


And MP Weapons Addon is Finally Released.

This Addon Replaces all of the Weapon Sprites that are used in T3 Guns In Doom with their Multiplayer Counterparts. It also makes some changes into the
Mod as well: Only the Multiplayer Health And Ammo Pickups will spawn, Ammo Limits are Like Turok 3 Multiplayer, Guns will come in MP Style Weapon Pickup Models, And You start with the Pistol
instead of the Bow, with No Mag 60 or Silenced Pistol with you. It also Changes the Firing Rate of the weapons as well: Sniper Rifle and RPG Are the
ones you can note the Most.

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BEHIND OBLIVION IS AT HAND AGAIN! It's Back, With a V2.0 Release and a Updated MP Weapon Addon!


Melee Weapons swing faster now, But now does less damage.
Most of the Weapons got nerfed or buffed.
Updated The Flame kill with the Fireswarm obituary.
Bores now move a little bit slower, And can no longer Rip Enemies.
Changed up some Spawners again.

MP Weapon Addon:!bFdm3S7C!ufRZYJxyozQ9QV736KChh_2zIhLd0Q9HQbeoGvLOXtY

Added in the Remaining Weapons.
Updated the Addon to Support th... You should already know this.
Fixed the Weapon Offsets.
Fixed a Issue where you can't find any Ammo for the Firestorm and Sniper Rifle (They use the SP Item Pickups as a Placeholder)
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I'm going to quote myself from the Turok 1 Weapons in doom thread since this is relevant and it's about common modder courtesy
@Raffine52: Care to show some common courtesy, Raffine52? Because the fifth to ninth screenshots of your opening post on this very thread + the period between 0:25 and 2:48 of your Danielle trailer for your Turok 3 Weapons mod takes place in my in-hiatus "T-Style - Demons in the Mist" mod. Now I don't mind you using my levels to showcase your weapons mod but would it kill you to post a link to the ZDoom Forum thread for T-Style or even acknowledge that you used my mod to showcase your mod? I mean I cannot help to fear that you might try something as disingenuous as passing off my level design work in T-Style as your own when you fail to even link or acknowledge that you used my mod to showcase your mod. All I'm asking is that you demonstrate some integrity and link my work.
I anticipate your reply.