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Re: Turok Rage Wars Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] V2.4
« Reply #40 on: January 02, 2020, 03:10:01 AM »
Happy New Year. Here comes a new Hotfix Release for the mod itself and some of it's addons with some changes. (V2.3.3)

Plasma Rifle's Alt Fire was untouched after the overhaul update last year, making it where the randomized Damage can rip the crap out of the enemies faster than the main fire mode could. This has been fixed.
Miles Spit Shot now goes a little bit faster.
Buffed the Emaciator's Main firing Mode.
The Mech Raptor is now armed with Energy Rounds upon spawn.
Replaced one of the Help Screens now that the Plasma Cannon is in the mod.

MP Weapons:
Fixed the Inflator firing way too slow.

MP Weapons and Disable Extra Weapons:
The Mech Raptor is now armed with the Flare Gun and some Energy Rounds. In the last version, He was armed with nothing.


V2.4 has been released. Some more content has been added and some changes, As a holdover for the Turok 3 Weapons in Doom Overhaul that is still being worked on.

The First Three Ammo types (Bullet, Energy and Explosion) all have new ammo pickup types with Different Looks and Ammo given upon pick up, giving in more eye candy in terms of appearances.
Removed the leftover Turok 1/Turok 2 Ammo Types.
The Ammo Packs now has some changes:

- Normal Ammo Pack: You now get 100 Energy Rounds instead of 50.
- Super Ammo Pack: Picking it up now refills your Bullet, Energy and Explosion Ammo to full, just like the 'With a Nuke' Version.
- The Biggest change though, is that the Bullet, Energy and Explosion Ammo Packs are now Items. Once you pick one up, It will be in your Inventory. When the time comes to refill your ammo, Just select it, use it, and that ammo type will be refilled to full. You can only hold one of these at a time (So you can't hold like 10 Bullet Ammo Packs), But it's good when you are running low on ammo for that ammo type. Because of this, The Ammo Packs of the Ammo Types now spawn at rare chances. This was done to fix the problem of one picking up an Ammo Pack of that Ammo type when you are full on ammo, basically wasting it.
- The text like this: (Your ammo has been refilled by half) has been removed.

Turok 1 Tal-Set and Turok 2 Joshua Fireseed now start with their melee weapons from their games (Knife for Turok 1, and Talon for Turok 2) instead of the Warhammer as it was in V2.1. If they die while holding these, they will drop the Warhammer instead.
All Weapons are tagged, so the names are now 'Weapon Name' instead of 'TKRW Weapon Name'.
Fixed the Claw Weapons playing the Doom Pickup Sound upon picking them up.
Buffed the Boomerang a little bit.

Download (Addons):!LVViGIha!Z4B8V3mKg_dU0o9vGT_2fSfWTO0YJWeOYN45rdr-oJU
Download (MP):!mNECBKyb!qZTaCXp312z7Eah8dKRb_eoqZnEe86PS9akscHx5Kk0
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Re: Turok Rage Wars Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] V2.5.2
« Reply #41 on: February 26, 2020, 07:09:42 PM »
V2.5 has been released. A Bug Fix release, to fix some annoying issues, But also adds in some things too.

Fixed the War Club and Symbiont having Doom's Voice. The Former also starts with the Shotgun, to boot.
Splited the Characters from one actor file to their own files, so that way addons only has to touch a little bit of the base mod's files and to make things easier.
The Boomerang, for the longest time, was a monster in Deathmatch as due to the randomized damage, it can one-shot kill a player almost all the time. It was so powerful that when you have it, it makes all the other energy weapons completely obsolete once you master it. the randomized damage was taken out and the damage was nerfed, taking the weapon out of it's game breaking state.
Engineer, Pyro, Medic and Spy are now enabled as selectable characters. All of the TF2 Cast should be in!
Scout now starts with just one Mag 60 instead of Two.
Removed more leftover Turok 1/Turok 2 Weapon SFX.
The Game Weenie is now a selectable character.
Nearly all the melee weapons is given their randomized damage back.
When playing as Joshua Fireseed (Turok 2), Picking up the Berserk Pack will now give you the War Blade.
Fixed the Swing Power Not Find Error Message popping up when using T1's Knife.

A new addon has been released for the Addon Pack. It is called 'Turok Characters only'

This Addon makes it so only Characters that come from the Turok Series can be selected. It also removes the Three Frag Tag Characters when this Addon is used.

EDIT: 2.5.1 has to be released to fix one issue:

Fixed the Map Revealer Core being overwriten by the War Blade sprites.

EDIT2: V2.5.2 is released. While you are all waiting for a Turok 1 Alpha Weapons Add-on Update, Here's a quick update. It's been a while, Haven't it?

The War Blade is now tagged.
Fixed one of the Energy Round Pickup Actors being overwriten.
Removed the Alt Fire from the Akimbo Mag 60s.

Download (Addons):
Download (MP Addon):!qdNwQQTY!tmcDnx7YXurDB4j338eSSymyOpWjetq_pRNadMLfwdE
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