Author Topic: Perfect Dark Weapons: Unfinished Business (Doom Mod)  (Read 1738 times)

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Perfect Dark Weapons: Unfinished Business (Doom Mod)
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:28:16 PM »
Perfect Dark Weapons is a Doom Mod that was made by KaelDragon. This Mod Has nearly all of the PD Weapons and some Items, And heck, Even the Maps!

So I thought to myself: Why not Update it? So, This is where Unfinished Business comes in.

This Update adds in the Missing Weapons from the Original Mod, So that means the Classic Weapons are Included!

Download (Original):!PJsjxKQR!c8S2GPj8uFdgBcGhm99xca2imvsZULcLT1blWhjp55s

Download: (Updated):

Download: (Levels Only):!DVNBkabA!d0RMCqf6QLSuqMoM-c_jrt7lBsZr7BkwzZ2UDGpo7X4


N64 Music: Replaces all of the Music used in the Mod with the Original N64 Versions.



  *** KaelDragon: Project leader for the Original Mod, Doing Almost all of everything,  including sprites, sounds and codes.

  *** Awesomeamena: For the start map text, and for pushing Kael to finish this wad

  *** Arkanex.exe: some graffics of shield and Cloack device.
  *** Dosu: Ideas to improving this wad (laptopgun and mines in walls and floor).

  *** Raffine52: For Taking the Original Mod and Adding in New Stuff into it.

  *** Especial thanks to:
   Rare for Perfect Dark 64, the most awesome game.
   Id Software and SkullTag teams for his great work.
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Re: Perfect Dark Weapons: Unfinished Business (Doom Mod)
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