Author Topic: The World is Not Enough Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.1)  (Read 11550 times)

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After giving this a run, I did like a fair amount of what I saw from the weapon modification.  Will weapons such as the Meyer Bullpup and the Sticky Grenade show up in the next version of this mod, as well as other weapons that may be missing?  Some that come to mind would be the Watch and its multiple firing modes (Stun Mode, Dart Mode, etc.)

Lastly, I did have a suggestion with the Wolfram P2K Pistol.  I suggest increasing it's rate of fire so it could be fired significantly faster, and see about giving it the ability to attach its suppressor on it so it allows for you to fire the weapon without alarming the enemy.

Yes, The Remaining Weapons will be added in the Next Version.

I Will see what I could do with these. Thanks for the Feedback, Though!
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