Author Topic: The World is Not Enough Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.3)  (Read 14023 times)

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After giving this a run, I did like a fair amount of what I saw from the weapon modification.  Will weapons such as the Meyer Bullpup and the Sticky Grenade show up in the next version of this mod, as well as other weapons that may be missing?  Some that come to mind would be the Watch and its multiple firing modes (Stun Mode, Dart Mode, etc.)

Lastly, I did have a suggestion with the Wolfram P2K Pistol.  I suggest increasing it's rate of fire so it could be fired significantly faster, and see about giving it the ability to attach its suppressor on it so it allows for you to fire the weapon without alarming the enemy.

Yes, The Remaining Weapons will be added in the Next Version.

I Will see what I could do with these. Thanks for the Feedback, Though!
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Re: The World is Not Enough Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.2)
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After a 7 Month wait of this Mod Not being Updated, James Bond 007 Finally Returns with V1.2!

Added Mustang Mar-4GL, Meyer Bullpup, MB POW90, Plasma Grenade (Using Stun Grenade's Model) And Super Grenade (Using Sticky Grenade's Model).
Shells are added.
Deutsche M95's Firing Rate is a little bit faster.
Wolfram P2K can now Auto fire again.
You can no longer Drop Unarmed, P2K, and MAR-4GL.
You no longer have to Reload the Weapons when you first pick them up.
Wolfram P2K Silenced has been fixed, And you now start with it again.
Added Music to the Title Screen.
Added in the Menu Sounds.
Fixed the Logo being Big.


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Re: The World is Not Enough Guns in Doom by Raffine52 [Doom Mod] (UPDATED V1.1)
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Version V1.3 has finally been released. After this version was stuck in development hell for two years since it's creation and being overshadowed by other projects of mine, It's finally back with a vengeance.

Frinesi Special 12 is now more likely to spawn, and it now spawns in the shotgun spot.
Added The Golden Gun.
Bullet Ammo can now spawn in the Shotgun Shell Ammo Spots.
The Reload Key now reloads weapons, so that means having the Alt Fire as the Reloading Key is no longer needed.
Fixed the Deutsche M45 still able to reload even when you have a full clip for it.
The Mustang MAR-4GL's Grenade Launcher Mode can now be used with the Main gun itself, removing the need to have the GL Mode as a Standalone weapon.
Replaced the Plasma Grenades with Cluster Grenades.
Brought over 007, Doom and Spy from my GE007 Weapons in Doom Mod, and aside from being updated to use the TWINE Weapon database instead of GE007 Weapon database, they are the same, sounds and all.
Added in Ellis, Coach and Francis from Left 4 Dead, Making their first appearances in the Raffine52's Classic FPS Weapon Porting Project. They are voiced when picking up weapons, and when reloading weapons.
Added in the Pickup Versions of the Weapons.
Renamed Super Grenade to Impact Grenade.
Added a Secret Found sound.
57mm Ammo now spawns.
All weapons are tagged.
Changed up the spawners.
Added almost all the TWINE Themed Items, replacing the Doom ones. A Few ones, however are brought over from GE007 Weapons in Doom to save time for the next upcoming weapons port...

I also made a Addon for it: Disable L4D Voices. This Addon disables the L4D Character's Lines when picking up weapons and reloading, so that way when using IDFA or IDKFA Cheats, You don't have to deal with suddenly having Ellis's Voice.

I also decided to change up the Story too.

Story: After the events of the Movie, 007 and Jones celebrate in Turkey, when all of the sudden, the latter hears a strange sounding like demon voice while she and 007 were spending their time. 007, knowing that there's one more thing to take care off, packs his Pistol, his suit, and tells Jones to stay there while he goes to Hell to fight the demons in order to free Earth once and for all. But he's not alone: He's joined by Doom, Spy, Ellis, Coach and Francis, who will fight off the horde all at once. Will the six win and save the 007 Realm?



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