Author Topic: Turok: Escape from Lost Valley - a cute isometric game if you can believe it  (Read 205 times)

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Man, this game was an unexpected piece of Turok news to stumble across today.  It's an official Turok game, although the trappings should cause you to lower your expectations.  Let's just get this out of the way: everyone talking about the game says it looks cute but isn't enjoyable to play (even setting aside disappointment that it doesn't match the tone or genre of the FPS game series).  If someone here plays it though it would be interesting to share your thoughts.  The problem with the game seems to be that the simple combat is fussy and frustrating, and the game is perhaps more unambitious in scope than you might realize from looking at it.

gameplay trailer

Now, thanks to a contest held by Universal Studios that allowed winners to create a game with one of its IP, Pillow Pig Games is digging up the dino hunter for a fresh start. Completely made up of two twin brothers, Max and Ben Snyder, Pillow Pig Games was originally known for its previous game, Fighties, which featured a similarly cute style and Towerfall-like gameplay.

I don't want to prejudge anyone who has the capacity to enjoy this little game, but keep expectations in check.