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N4TKER10 June 6 2000 Prototype-HELP!

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Hi, does anyone know how to get this build working? (the other 2 protos run fine) i have tried different versions of emulators with no success. never seen any videos from this build either, only this one screen shot. https://imgur.com/oTw1TdC

Only info i can find is as follows...

Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (U) (Beta)

Works: in Nemu (when you change a certain ROM address, something in the ROM stopping it from working) but not PJ64
Work in progress
(Internal v22)
06 06 00
Any help would be great, been wanting to explore this build for a long time. Thanks!

I'd say PM DoomMarine23 about this.

operative lm:
If you find out anything, let me know; I never could wrap my head around NEMU to get it functioning properly. :v

Will do and thanks Dinomite, great suggestion and great name...and great vids!

I've PM'd you, but I'd like to state that I've gotten it working on Nemu. It involved some CRC edits and changing the country code from Germany to US. I will be writing a small guide soon (probably make a video as well).

I'm also in the process of figuring out the best plugins. I'm using a customized version of Nemu64 I got off Reddit, though regular Nemu64 works fine. I'm also using GlideN64 but it has jitters up and down I need to fix.

EDIT: Now that my excitement has calmed down, I'd like to state in full transparency, I used the information from this thread https://web.archive.org/web/20130430103338/https://gamehacking.org/vb/threads/2998-Turok-3-(U)-Beta-Anyone-get-it-to-run

along with the ROM info from this wiki to figure out where to place my edits http://en64.shoutwiki.com/wiki/ROM

I used HXD, a hex editor, and doing this edit only takes a few minutes. As I said, I will be writing a small guide soon. I just want to get the beta running as best as I can first.


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