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Other Games / MF Quake Champions is Getting On the Internet
« on: April 02, 2017, 01:42:33 AM »
Damn I am finding a lot of news about Quake Champions. I Guess that PAX East (?) just went down last weekend (?) and now there's all this news.

Here's the man Tim Willits, who was hired by John Carmack because John liked the mod levels that Tim was making on the internet, for Quake I. lol

Ok so I did this very fast. It will be called a Beta so if we want changes or find errors please post here. So I butchered up the multiplayer map "City 4" and tried to make it have better gameplay. I removed the whole lower water section, and replaced that area with a garden or central park type area. I moved the teleporter that was down there, into the park.

I plugged up the deep well and moved the warp teleporter that was underwater, to the room with the domed top. I lowered the railing that lead to the grenade launcher and rocket launcher, but only a little bit. I re-lit the level to lower those super bright spots at the waterfalls. The lighting still needs some more work but it is playable now.

I removed the cerebral bore completely, and I put a shredder there in it's place. Opposite that on the other waterfall area, I added a tek bow and I added tek arrows to several spots in the map. I added a shotgun and mag60 to the park area and another flamethrower pickup. I added some mag60 ammo to the map in several spots and some more shotgun shells. I moved the firestorm gun just down below where it was into the new park area.

Thanks Jay for helping me figure out the problem I had with my packaging but it's good to go now. To play you have to download the kpf and put it into the mods folder in the main Turok 2 folder. Same folder as horus_x64.exe. Add a new folder named "mods" and put the kpf in there. You must have the kpf in order to join or host the server.

Download Link - my dropbox - there's a download menu button at the top right side
Download Removed - Not Compatible with Update 2 from nightdive

 On the Multiplayer Menu the map is named City4Reloaded.

I'm hosting it now but I'm on the beta feed from nightdive so you might not see my rig, I hope so we need to try this!
Thanks, Gazer

Well I packaged it up and posted it on Steam. I'm sure there are bugs. Please post them on Steam Discussion or here in this post. When I fix the bugs and get it thoroughly stable I'll post the kpf here. just so there's not a lot of different versions on different machines. <--that should be it
Thanks to everyone who gave me help, especially Smoke39 and Duke64.
The guides they have made are important if your going to map on this Kex editor.

Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Mapping Help on Kex v1.0.3 needed
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:45:30 PM »
Hi and Hello

I'm new to the Turok mapping editor and I don't see any place where there is a collaboration forum. I see these guides and a post for guides in that thread. But I don't see a Help Me page.

I need help of a noobish nature and I would like to be helpful as well with noobish solutions I have found. I posted one such solution here -->

I've seen some great maps here and I hope to contribute as well. Thanks - Gazerbeam

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