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Cybermind's Jedi Knight Mod was great. It brings in a lot of Stuff from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, But the problem lies is that
it reused Sprite Resources from Dark Forces 1 (Which has been done to death already) and some design choices can be lazy. So what I did to make
this good mod even better? take it and give it an update, adding in some things and fixing up some issues with the mod. This is Jedi Knight: Reborn.

This mod is in BETA, since I am releasing it so I can give feedback of how things can be improved.


- All Weapons now use Sprites taken from Dark Forces 2, And some fire rates has been changed up.
- The JK Fists and Bowcaster are added. The Former is because in the Original Mod, Doom's Fist is reused, which screams laziness right there.
So I decided to port over the JK Version of the Weapon. The latter is because no sprites were made for it, and it was left out as a result.
- All force powers are removed.
- Multiplayer Classes from MOTS are added.


Turok Dinosaur Hunter Modding/Mapping / Different Music in Credits
« on: September 07, 2020, 01:51:30 AM »
This Mod makes the Credits play a Different Track instead of continuing the Final Boss music. By default, It's the 'Underwater' Theme, But you can replace it with any track if you want.

Credits goes to Smoke39 for helping me with the script that changes the music when the credits start (I am not good at scripting, lol).


This Topic contains some Announcer packs I made for Zandronum.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Announcer

This Announcer pack adds in the Announcer from Super Smash Bros. 4/Ultimate.


Credits goes to ( ) which I used to make many lines that he didn't said in the Original game, and Nintendo/Xander Mobus for making SSBU.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, voted Best Action Adventure Game in 2004. GZDoom/Zandronum, two of the ongoing Doom Source Ports. What would happened if you were to merge both of these?

Simple, you would have a mod with Doom's gameplay with GTA SA's weapons and hence, GTA SA Weapons in Doom is born.

Very Basic Story:

CJ: Ah shit, here we go again. Worst place in the world. Hell. I ain't represented Grove Street in five years, but the Demons won't give a shit.




This Music Pack for Turok 1 replaces the PC Soundtrack With Music from Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku/Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Not only it has Music from the Original Game, It also has tracks from MIDI Power Pro 6 ~Akumajo Dracula X Gekka no Nocturne~ (1998) Album, and in one track, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

How To install

Just copy the 'pc' Folder to your music folder. Make sure you make a backup before you do this, just in case you wanna go back to the Original Soundtrack.



This Music Pack for Turok 2 replaces the N64 and PC Soundtracks, So the former will have tracks from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, while the latter has the Castlevania: Dracula X Music. Compared to my last version, All Tracks should loop, some SOTN Music Placeholders has been replaced, and it now sounds Louder than before.

Make sure to backup your N64 and PC Music Folders before applying this Music Pack.



This Music Pack replaces all of the Music with MIDI Tracks from Touhou 2: Story of Eastern Wonderland, With Three Songs from Final Fantasy VII For some reason. I been using this for a long time in alot of my Videos: I am uploading it for everyone to use if they like to.

Make sure to backup your N64 Music Folder before applying this Music Pack.


Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition is based off of Gezzdt's Prisoner849 Mod (Unreal Weapon Port), but the main goal of it is continuing development on it, fixing bugs and adding in new content, and making some weapon changes to fix some rough spots with them.

Important Note: I do not intend to have this mod be competition for Doomreal/Doom Tournament. We have two different goals. DoomReal/Doom Tournament intends to focus on restoring beta content and what not, while the intention of my release is just focusing on the Final Version of the games with some little Beta content in.

Also Fun fact, The History with Unreal/UT ports to GZDoom is such a wild ride:

Back in 2008, VoltlocK released Unrealistic Guns Advanced, A UT99 Weapons Port for Skulltag, but includes weapons from ChaosUT and Unreal4Ever as extras. Back then, This was the way of using the UT Weapons on the Doom Monsters, and it is such a bad-ass mod at the time. However, It was showing it's age, as other UT Weapon Ports would come in the next coming years. Meanwhile, Unreal 1 didn't got any Weapon Port to ZDoom until...

In 2016, A Mod that is based on Unreal 1's Weapons was released by Gezzdt, Finally giving Unreal 1 some Representation in Doom. When I played it, It was a Pretty damn good Port of Unreal 1's Weapons into Doom, Even know Some areas in this Mod look rough (Bugs, No RTNP Weapons) and as Gezzdt said, "The weapons are not 100% accurate copies."

In 2017, SoundOfDarkness Released his own edition of U1 Weapons, Changing the weapons to fit in more with Doom's Gameplay.

In 2018, I then made my own edition of the U1 Weapons.

And then in 2019, Marisa released Doomreal. It covers not only the base Unreal 1 arsenal, but also includes items, player models, and loads of dummied out content (Like Items and Weapons). This is enough to make Gezzdt's Unreal 1 Weapon Mod and all of the Edited Builds based off it obsolete as a result, And it would be true if it haven't been for something...

Come 2021, and due to Marisa's personal issues, Doom Tournament/Doomreal was cancelled. This means that all of the add-ons that were being worked on were cancelled, Including the RTNP Weapon Port. This means that Unreal Weapons: Raffine52 Edition remains the only Unreal Weapon Port so far which is still in development and getting updates.


Gezzdt: For the Original Mod
SoundOfDarkness: For the Buffs that he made
Raffine52: For Making some Changes and ripping
Epic Games: For making Unreal 1

Perfect Dark Weapons is a Doom Mod that was made by KaelDragon. This Mod Has nearly all of the PD Weapons and some Items, And heck, Even the Maps!

So I thought to myself: Why not Update it? So, This is where Unfinished Business comes in.

This Update adds in the Missing Weapons from the Original Mod, So that means the Classic Weapons are Included!

Download (Original):!PJsjxKQR!c8S2GPj8uFdgBcGhm99xca2imvsZULcLT1blWhjp55s

Download: (Updated):

Download: (Levels Only):!DVNBkabA!d0RMCqf6QLSuqMoM-c_jrt7lBsZr7BkwzZ2UDGpo7X4


N64 Music: Replaces all of the Music used in the Mod with the Original N64 Versions.



  *** KaelDragon: Project leader for the Original Mod, Doing Almost all of everything,  including sprites, sounds and codes.

  *** Awesomeamena: For the start map text, and for pushing Kael to finish this wad

  *** Arkanex.exe: some graffics of shield and Cloack device.
  *** Dosu: Ideas to improving this wad (laptopgun and mines in walls and floor).

  *** Raffine52: For Taking the Original Mod and Adding in New Stuff into it.

  *** Especial thanks to:
   Rare for Perfect Dark 64, the most awesome game.
   Id Software and SkullTag teams for his great work.

Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Modding/Mapping / Original Icons
« on: March 10, 2018, 08:51:30 PM »
This Mod Replaces much of the Weapon Icons, Ammo Icons and Along other things with the PC Version of these Sprites. It also fixes the Crushed Rocket Launcher and Assault Rifle Icons.

I was going to post Screenshots but I forgot how to lol


Credits to Kaiser For still having the Original Icons from the PC Version Original.

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