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Turok Evolution Modding / Re: Fixing the Shaders
« on: October 09, 2021, 03:00:22 AM »
From what i know is that the Xbox Version definitely has the best water of all the Versions.
Maybe the Xbox Version was indeed the lead Version, this would also explain why so much prototype Versions exists but only for the Xbox and not any other platform. By this i mean they probably used the Xbox as a general Testing Platform before porting it to other systems.
@Dinomite probably knows a lot more about this.

One thing i also can remember and that´s also the point why i deleted the Game on my PC, that the Mouse was strangely working different then in your usual FPS Game.
It sometimes feels like it wants to emulate an Joystick instead of a proper Mouse Look. Sometimes it feels too slow.
It´s strange how Acclaim wasn´t able to implement a proper Mouse Look in "Turok: Evolution", they got it right on previous Games on PC.

Turok Evolution Modding / Re: Fixing the Shaders
« on: October 07, 2021, 04:25:19 PM »
Wow, this is cool.
Yeah, i think i remember now that on PC it looked always so different from what i remember from playing it on console long ago.
Turns out it was the shaders all along. Can it be that the PC Version is based on a more earlier Version of the Game? Or maybe that they forgot to include the shaders properly?
I mean wasn´t Evolution one of the last Games for Acclaim? Maybe they production of it was more troubled then we know.

Turok Evolution / Re: Turok Evolution Beta/Prototype
« on: September 20, 2021, 06:55:51 PM »
Well, you have this specific guy who keeps this Forum alive here and there. :yaeh am not durnk:

Turok Evolution / Re: Why is dinomite so negative to everyone
« on: September 20, 2021, 04:00:44 PM »
I know i´m way to late to post this, but this is cinema at it´s best! :XD:

Turok Evolution / Re: Turok Evolution Beta/Prototype
« on: September 20, 2021, 03:53:20 PM »
Just want to mention that some new Prototypes of "Turok: Evolution" surfaced today from a massive new Xbox Prototype Releases.
Here they are:,_2002_prototype),_2002_prototype),_2002_22:54_prototype)

PS: I don´t know if they were mentioned already in this thread, so i just gave myself the freedom to post them anyways. I´m pretty sure Dinomite could be interested in this. ;)

Great work as always.
But does this include Weapons from all the Turok Games together or just Turok 1?

Drahsid, i have a question.
I recently finally tried both "Rage Wars" and "Turok 3" out, configured it all to really making a playtrough this time.

Well, i noticed both of these have the exact same issue as the User "Kil3r". He once made a post:
The camera is always jiggling. Its almost as if the camera is fighting back against the mouse or perhaps its not super smooth.

For a solution you said:
"It is possibly related to the QT launcher, or perhaps you have the joystick set to the mouse in Mupens config (DONT DO THIS, the mouse input is not linked to the joystick)".

To which he replied:
"Thanks! Your second point was the reason behind the issue. For anyone having the same issue, make sure "mouse = False" in mupen's cfg."

Well, i already have that set in my Mupen Config and it´s still happening. I guess it has maybe something to do with the Mupen Controls?
In case you have an idea i will post my Control Configs here:
Code: [Select]

# Mupen64Plus SDL Input Plugin config parameter version number.  Please don't change this version number.
version = 2.000000
# Controller configuration mode: 0=Fully Manual, 1=Auto with named SDL Device, 2=Fully automatic
mode = 0
# Specifies which joystick is bound to this controller: -1=No joystick, 0 or more= SDL Joystick number
device = -1
# SDL joystick name (or Keyboard)
name = ""
# Specifies whether this controller is 'plugged in' to the simulated N64
plugged = True
# Specifies which type of expansion pak is in the controller: 1=None, 2=Mem pak, 4=Transfer pak, 5=Rumble pak
plugin = 2
# If True, then mouse buttons may be used with this controller
mouse = False
# Scaling factor for mouse movements.  For X, Y axes.
MouseSensitivity = "2.00,2.00"
# The minimum absolute value of the SDL analog joystick axis to move the N64 controller axis value from 0.  For X, Y axes.
AnalogDeadzone = "4096,4096"
# An absolute value of the SDL joystick axis >= AnalogPeak will saturate the N64 controller axis value (at 80).  For X, Y axes. For each axis, this must be greater than the corresponding AnalogDeadzone value
AnalogPeak = "32768,32768"
# Digital button configuration mappings
DPad U = "key(119)"
DPad D = "key(115)"
DPad L = "key(97)"
DPad R = "key(100)"
Start = "key(27)"
Z Trig = "mouse(1)"
B Button = "key(113) mouse(3)"
A Button = "key(101)"
C Button U = "key(119)"
C Button D = "key(115)"
C Button L = "key(97)"
C Button R = "key(100)"
R Trig = "key(32)"
L Trig = ""
Mempak switch = ""
Rumblepak switch = ""
# Analog axis configuration mappings
X Axis = "axis(0-,0+)"
Y Axis = "axis(1-,1+)"

Edit: I´m also using your fixed input plugin from the first page (i guess it doesn´t matter if you use the one from RW or T3), as with the default one Mupen64Plus always crashed.
Also speaking of Mupen64Plus, i´m using no Frontend or anything. Also using Interpreter Mode.

Looking great.
Excited to see any "Turok: Evolution" Maps.
Did you import them or are these Recreations?

Thank you for your work.
I will test this out and will give some feedback (if there is any).
No wonder i didn´t know some of these weapon sprites in that Mod. Some of them are from the PS1 Version which i completely forgot that it exists too.

I just remembered something. Did you ever thought about making a Gun Mod from the South Park 64 Game?
I´m talking about this here:
I think it uses the same Engine as Turok 1 or 2 and was also made by Acclaim.
While i don´t know how hard the process at making this Weapon Packs (i bet they are much work), i believe that when the Game is in the same Engine as the other Turoks for which you already worked on, makes this a little "easier".
What do you think about it?

What are your thoughts about it yet?

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