Author Topic: How to open the TEXTURES.DAT file  (Read 16955 times)

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Re: How to open the TEXTURES.DAT file
« Reply #40 on: October 17, 2016, 12:29:36 PM »
This isn't very productive fellas I don't know what to say. There is no need to be targeting Gael here especially one who is trying to develop things for these games. There isn't many doing it, he may be 1 out 5 (maybe 1/3) people who actually still work on something Turok mod related. This is a ridiculous thing here. I get along with all of you and consider every member a friend so how is it you have troubles getting along with each other all the time guys. Please understand opinions are very welcome and we as members of the Turok fan base have to accept there are differences between each other so opinions are bound to be different. That doesn't mean one is wrong. If you don't like the difference just state that and move on and if someone doesn't like your work you have to just take it in and move on. I release plenty of mods, maps, and creative stuff and some ppl don't like and some do. I take it as it is, as long as I had fun making it. Gael is also a friend and is involved on the Turok Facebook group as well.

I see nothing wrong with what Gael has done he even got some recognition from the Turok remaster developer (Kaiser) with the bump mapping for T1. If he wants to make the textures faithfully to look the same there is no issue with that. I personally prefer the textures to stay the same classic look, i'm old school like that though.

This thread got a little out of hand here and now goes here :
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