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You really shouldn't post this stuff unless you have something to show.

Can you do better than the developers who had the source code?
Are you inheriting any existing knowledge bases?
What's going on with everything else?

There is no mouse acceleration. Your mouse input is interpreted linearly.

Ehhh, I managed to get it to work with Kil3r setup and GlideN64 4.0, it keeps crashing when choosing Danielle over Joseph though...
Don't run it with the dynarec on, run it in interpreter mode.

Turok Rage Wars / Re: Turok RW Mouse Input
« on: April 20, 2020, 09:33:29 PM »
I didn't know about that until after I made this.
Besides that, what I made is more easily customizable in terms of the mouse controls, and no, the program that you're talking about does not run at 60 fps.

Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / Re: Turok 3 Mouse Input and other goodies
« on: April 19, 2020, 04:57:21 PM »
A "Rage Wars"
Already done, and even better, 60fps is very stable.

Hey guys, Meca posted his code!

Just to be clear, I am not making any attacks on Meca's character, everything here is criticism in the context of his deceit, and outright lying.

At this point, you can presume that all of my prior skepticism is at least close to the truth. I won't go over these, but for context, this is what I wrote:

Quote from: Drahsid
Quote from: Drahsid
That aside the more that I see you writing about your progress, the more I get flashbacks from when I was just getting into programming a d doing things that were way over my head.
To clear some things up: that job opportunity is to work on the Kex engine. To public knowledge, it is mostly that, and any game involvement is only for Kex engine games.
Back to my main quarrel here, I HAVE done a lot of reverse engineering on Turok 3 and Rage Wars. I would love if it was as easy as just turning MIPs to C (as you make it seem), but this is not the case. Describing line numbers and all the like as for what your progress seems silly to me. 224,980 total lines of code?! Where did you even get that from? Alongside this, you write strange things like "i-d-a" (using Ida over Ghidra?) and this all just seems to be a mess to me. I don't want to beat you up over being inexperienced.
If you do have any progress at all, or want to learn how to better get started, I would be glad to help. I am most responsive on the Discord (my tag is Drahsid#5152), however I do check the forums often enough.

Quote from: Drahsid
Simply outputting the results of the MIPS asm to file is the same thing as tipping a garbage can over for it's contents. There is so much more that you have to do to turn the MIPS disassembly into good C code. Unless you're doing this by hand, I'm not really sure these many lines of code you're getting as C is very impressive. I could go into the procedure that represents the gameplay loop and get thousands more instantly. What is this decompiled code for? What does it do? Without that knowledge you just seem to be posting progress updates to bump the thread.

For a clearer idea of what I am skeptical about, you can reread this thread

Moving on, I will explain why Meca's port is beyond reasonable doubt incredibly young, or a lie. I will do this by going over things that he has recently said, and his repository that hosts the code for his port.

So firstly, what progress is Meca's port at? Ultimately, there is such little progress that I wouldn't even call it a prototype. It is likely that when I said that he was biting off more than he could chew, I was very likely right.
If you don't believe me, his repository has just 3751 lines of code!

Not only is this far-off from what his posts would leave you to believe, but it is unbelievably small to what I could predict would have any functionality. If you take the time to look at his code, you will quickly realize that it basically has 0 functionality other than creating a window and graphics context.
That being said, please do not seek to insult him because you are some sort of mastermind programmer. This is not about his poor coding practices, and every programmer was amateur at some point.

Before posting his code in this repository, in the Discord server, Meca posted an edited screenshot of an emulator with a fake title bar

This was very clear to me, so I pointed it out, and made a joke about it in the Discord server so that people would not get their hopes up. At this point, Meca was already volatile in terms of him releasing any source, or hiding it away. He had already posted in the Nightdive server that he would be giving his code to me so that I could finish his port

Obviously, he changed his mind. However, after I let the Discord know that his image was a hoax, he decided that he would go off the grid and not post anything, before quickly changing his mind once again.

Finally, he said that he would post his project on Github on the following day. That day is today, and to our surprise, he did post his code.
Unfortunately, as I explained before, it has basically no functionality.  I will, however, go over some things in the file "Approach I am Taking Please Read!.txt" that is in his repository.

Quote from: MecaCool
1. Im making a pseudo mainly it still needs to access some Roms
   And the main .z64 turok 3 rom also.

   note[]: It would take me way more time to release a build
   If I did true pc port which would require major reverse engineering
   of the .z64 file.
   note[]: I know I said a true pc port but it will have all the features
   that pc ports have just needs the .z64 and some .roms to access with.
This is hardly, if at all beyond file names in his repository.

2. I said I had a build of the first level up and running:

note[]: In the heat of the Drahsid drama and stuff I shared a screenshot
        of a emulator that was running the game which was my port so I took out that emulator code
      so you will not be getting that so that level was emulated and I know I said
      what I said but honestly I was so worked up I posted without thinking so I hope
      you all can forgive me for that I did not intently mean to lie Drahsid had me very
      worked up and kinda pissed at the moment!
      So, I do not have a working build or first level yet but very Close.
      I am very upset with myself saying that I had this or that
      and I know it might be like well We want get a port then
      But a promise is a promise I will get one done just time and patience is what
      I need.
MecaCool admits to lying about his state of functionality. He was upset, therefore he lied.

tl;dr MecaCool's Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion PC Port is not a reality, beyond a small and unrelated codebase. MecaCool lied to the community, disrespecting people who are naive enough to believe him, disrespecting the Kex team; who in the future may actually make this port, and disrespecting emulator developers.

I hope that you can improve to a point in which you can do incredible things such as this, but the worst thing you can do is lie.

edit before I even post:
He posted a video:

Firstly, great mic!
Other than that, I think you have some serious misconceptions.
It is crazy to think that anyone expects you to have full release candidate production-ready source code. Nobody thinks or thought that. We asked for a reason to believe a lot of the crazy things that you wrote. This isn't about the little faith that the community immediately had in you. I offered to lend you a hand despite my skepticism. I also want to make it clear that I am in no way the top-dog programmer. This community has a lot of really great programmers, like Kub and BP. However, when it comes to Turok 3, I am the person that people will ask because I have openly been reverse-engineering the game for fun: I can fact check your knowledge about the game better than almost anyone else. It might seem harsh, our issue with what you have done is not with your lack of progress, it is because you have been lying to us, and despite our good intentions, you have continued to spit in our face. Maybe you have been working hard, and maybe your intentions are entirely righteous, we don't know that the only thing we know is what you show us. Until now, you have only given us your word. Finally, you have given us a codebase, and as I wrote above, it is hardly a prototype. I shouldn't have to remind you, but you claimed to have reversed thousands of lines of code- the first level is nearly bugless, etc. etc. These are obvious mistruths, some of which you have admitted to.
I don't care if you blame me, but the community has been very clear about wishing you and your project to port Turok 3 the best.
I don't care about your drama, now or then, but I do care about the many people that could see this thread and believe that in a reasonable amount of time that a Turok 3 port will be released. This is one of the most viewed threads on the forum. If you want to chat with me personally, you have my Discord. I'll offer again to get you on the right track if you are truly interested in reverse engineering and even porting games.

This thread will be locked soon, I ask that nobody writes any replies in the meantime.
I also apologize if this seems a bit disorganized, I didn't plan this out thoroughly

Other Games / Re: Halo: Combat Evolved / Halo: Custom Edition
« on: April 14, 2020, 09:03:56 AM »
A lot of LAN parties on Custom Edition. Fun times.

Turok General Discussion / Re: Turok Roots
« on: April 13, 2020, 09:14:31 PM »
Don't be ridiculous Tecuan, the ambiguous name does not cause or is correlated to the meaning of the name. It is beyond reasonable doubt a name or alias that the original writer thought sounded right-enough. That juxtaposition is so ridiculous that we really shouldn't have to put in effort into explaining why that is. Beyond that, this whole conversation is purely speculative anyway, our knowledge of the original writers' ideas is conjecture.

Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion / Re: Turok 3 Mouse Input and other goodies
« on: April 13, 2020, 08:39:28 PM »
I looked the the entire cfg and couldn't find it :(. It doesn't seem like you can customize that anywhere. For now I will map the buttons to Q and E.

There is a section titled [CoreEvents], below that is all of the hotkey mappings.

Are your intentions to create a port? As a undergrad CS major, being able to create a port using the resources you have is mindblowing. Your work deserves more support, especially on these forums. Infact, I think your script would bring more attention to the game and therefore would increase the speed of us getting a official port.

While I have no intention on making a port, recently a lot of people seem to be expecting me too. I am, however, reverse engineering the game as a hobby. My findings are public, and I update the repository whenever I feel like I've got some good amount more to show off. I'm sure these findings could be useful for the Kex team in the case that they ever do work on Turok 3 EX.
Perhaps I'd make a port for Rage Wars, but even so, it would feel dirty doing such a thing outside of the Kex engine. Beyond that, it is unreasonable for me to commit to such a large project given my underwhelming lack of finances in recent times.
If you're interested in small tidbits of interesting things I do, I post these on the modding channel in the forums' discord server, and Badger posts them on Turok Sanctum.

IIRC, Kaiser (Turok Remastered) had access to very little official code when he was first making his port. T3 unofficial port should be fairly possible right?

Yeah! When he began Turok EX, and even up to where he had a working demo, I'm fairly certain he had no source code. As aforementioned, I can't commit to doing something so big, but it is beyond reasonable doubt possible. Kaiser has actually helped me a bit in what I've gotten done on Turok 3, so credit to him for his patience.

EDIT: Is there anyway to reduce the input lag? Furthermore, i've still had no luck with solving the audio delay. What is your audio setup?

The game runs at low framerates, so you're more than likely just feeling that. The mouse inputs are processed as soon as a frame has ended rendering.
Other than the default settings, the only changed setting that I have is RESAMPLE = "src-sinc-fastest"

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