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Remember when I made a Turok 2 Amiga Music Hack?
Well here's one for Dinosaur Hunter, since the PC Music Option is added.

This music hack was made in March 2019 but I didn't have the chance to upload it so now I did so enjoy. :)

If you wanna check Turok 2 Amiga Music Hack, check it out here


by Raffine52
Current Version: Work in Progress
It seems like Raffine has made yet another Turok Doom Mod, and this time it's Turok Evolution.
Turok Evolution Weapons in Doom is a Doom Mod that he started on November 3, 2018. It's his First GC Weapon Rip, and Focuses on the Weapons from the Game 'Turok: Evolution'

After the events of Turok: Evolution, Where Tal'Set tells Tarkeen that he accepts the mantle of Turok.
He has one more thing to do Before taking on the Events of Turok 1: Destroy Hell. Only this time, Though: He keeps all of his weapons, To fight back the Forces of Evil. Will he win?

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.1
Here is Raffine's next Non Turok Related Doom Weapon Mod! it's another 007 Weapon Mod for Doom, this time it's everybody's favorite 007 game:

Goldeneye 007 Weapons in Doom is a Doom Mod he have started in May 5, 2018, But he haven't got any hard work done on it until in August of 2018.

Over the Years, There are Two Well-Known Goldeneye Ports For Doom, Goldeneye Doom 2 for the EDGE Engine and Goldeneye 007 TC For Skulltag in 2010, Each of
them Having their own surprises Upon Doom and 007 Fans First Played them.

For Goldeneye Doom 2, Created in February 25, 2001, (At the time When ZDoom was Alive) It Quickly Blew 007 Fans alike when it felt like The
N64 Game in the Doom Engine, Almost like a Fan Remake.
While it was Dated, It was good for the time when there are Barely any N64 Ports yet.
The Levels, Even know they don't play like the Original Game, The Almost Original Game Layout Captures the Feeling of Playing Goldeneye Levels in a Good Way.
The Weapons and Enemy Choices are Questionable, Though.

Then come Goldeneye 007 TC For Skulltag in 2010. This Mod Captures the GE64 Feeling Very Closely than Goldeneye Doom 2 Did,
But the Big Problem is that it's missing a Few Weapons (Where's the D5K, Gold PP7, Silenced PP7 And Laser Watch?!),
And it still used Sprites from Other Mods or Other Games (Even know it uses the Original Game for the First Person Weapon Sprites),
And also having a PD Weapon in the Mod for No Reason, Which feels out-of-Place in the Goldeneye Realm.

Now, It's 2018, And he decided to add his name into the List of Goldeneye Ports for Doom, With Goldeneye 007 Weapons in Doom Mod. This time, It will be Updated
from Time to Time, Having All of the Weapons this time, Same Animations and Models as the Original Game, and Combining the Elements from the Last Two Mods
Into this Mod (Mostly the Latter) For the True GE007 in Doom Action.



Download Link!LRtXzCAK!D3Gjz7q1LUSOsOxJUtNBHuVtDnJj1rRoVY8TgCAeVLE

=The Add-ons=
GE007 Style Enemy Replacement Add-on!idVUSYzb!Vuefl9P4SXQWcs-m92EhnFUiNbHTDevFy1_7L2PZOuA


Screenshot Preview


by Raffine52
Current Version: V1.6

Turok: Legend of the Lost Lands (Formerly known as Turok Combat Trilogy) is a Doom Mod that he Planned on January 2, 2018, But No Work was done on it. So For now, It's just plans, Until all of the Weapon Mods for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil SP Are Done.

Thousands of years ago an order of The Campaigner from the far east received visions of the dark realm known as the Lost Land. It was a world ruled by chaos and was the Pit of Number of Turok Warriors from past Titles. They learned that travel between Lost Land and the new found realm would someday be possible if the conditions were right. The conditions being the unbalancing of the furies - negative and positive forces which keep our unstable universe from collapsing onto itself. Knowing that an Turok invasion was imminent, the wise men appealed to the elder gods. It was for this reason the elder gods created the tournament called Turok: The True Rage Wars. For three generations Turok: The True Rage Wars was ruled by Lost Lands's finest warriors - prince Tal Set. The Earth was on the brink of its destruction when a new generation of warriors were victorious in defending its realm. The welder of light, Joshua Fireseed, would become the new champion. But his victory was short lived as he and his comrades find themselves lured into the Lost Land to compete in a second tournament. Little did they know that the tournament was merely a diversion. A scheme devised by the dark emperor to break the rules set forth by elder gods. This unholy act gives Oblivion the power to step through the dimensional gates and reclaim his queen, thus enabling him to finally seize the Earth. These are the trilogy of events which comprise Oblivion's final attempt at taking the Earth.


There's a Total of Five Selection Classes you can choose from, Each with their Own set of Voices and Weapons. Here are the List of Characters:

Tal-Set (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter): "Only the strong survive."

The Original Turok, Tal-Set Enters the True Rage Wars Tournament to Complete with other Turok Warriors to Prove that even with 21 Years of Combat, His Skills still haven't Dusted off in the sightest. And He's gotten his own set of Weapons this time.

There's only one Auto Shotgun: Tal-set is the Class who has the only Auto Mode Shotgun in this Mod: The Auto Shotgun. No other shotgun can match its reliability and sheer power as well as it's Fire Rate.
I am the Original: Tal-Set is the most unchanged in his function and his abilities. Playing with him is just like playing Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, so show these newcomers who they better call granddaddy.

Joshua Fireseed (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil): 'I... am Turok!"

The Most Remembered Turok Warrior in this Mod, Joshua Fireseed enters the True Rage Wars Tournament to Complete with other Turok Warriors, And He's gotten the same lots of weapons with him.

The One with the most Weapons: He is the Turok Warrior with the most weapons. From Shotguns to Launchers, He's gotten them all.
Alt Ammo Usage: One of the only Turok Warriors with the Alt Ammo Trait. He can Load up Explosion Shells in his Shotgun and Shredder, From Sniping Enemies with his Plasma Rifle, to Charging up his Dart Rifle. Hell, He's got his Razor Wind!

Fireborn (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil MP): 'Superb!"

This fiery creature is eager for a chance to prove his considerable battle prowess. Armed with the MP Weapons, He isn't going to let any of the Turok Warriors Survive.

Who Needs Weapons?: This Warrior is the one with the least Selection Total of Weapons, But at least he still has Launchers, and has the Crossbow and Assault Rifle, which Joshua does not uses.

Juggernaut (Turok: Rage Wars):

"The Pur-Linn are an ancient race of powerful and primitive creatures that are deeply resentful of the intellectual and technical superiority of the human race. They believe that if they can destroy Turok, humanity will fall."

Has Alt Fires, But Who Needs Ammo: He is the only Warrior with Alt Fires, So He can do Some Pretty good Damage Rates, but Some of his Weapons eat his Ammo up like Crazy. He has to Pick up Ammo Alot if He wants to keep on Firing his weapons.
Fast Weapon Switching Again: He is the Warrior who can switch Weapons pretty fast.

Flesh Eater (Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion):

"This nasty fellow has an evil aura that will harm those who venture too close. Fast and versatile, he is a deadly opponent."

Back to Basics: This Warrior Has no Alt Fires or Alt Ammo, Instead going back to Turok 1 Style Firing Modes.
Shotguns Eat up my Ammo: Although not as bad as Rage Wars Warrior, His Shotgun Upgrades eat Ammo up if not used in the Right Hands.


Download Link

Turok Legend Of the Lost Lands Addon!CF0lzAzZ!bGdUvtbFUo5RLGQBWKkLdZeF4iS1HxvPPANGJcjwZTE

Edited Build Addon

Video Preview

Screenshot Preview

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by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.1
Here is Raffine's first Non Turok Related Doom Weapon Mod!

After the Events of 007 TWINE, Bond of the N64 Era was bored, After replaying Missions and wondering if he can use his Cool looking Guns monsters without having to deal with Stupid Missions. Then, K-Sha comes and Strikes him a Deal: Go to Hell to fight Demons with his Weapons. Bond Agrees with K-Sha, and he goes to Hell from there. Will 007 Survive the Demons from Hell with his Weapons?


Download Link!7Z9yATIa!kpIhWN9TNv71XTK1Wa3X9C_pmdlSwR93VXiTluIaT0k

=The Add-ons=
Coming Soon


by Raffine52

Screenshot Preview
V1.0 Weapons

V1.1 Weapons

by Raffine52
Current Version: 2.2
This mod by him is somewhat same but with Singleplayer Weapons!

Joshua Fireseed is summoned by Adon, the Speaker of Forever Light. She explains that Joshua has been called by the Elders of the Lost Land, the Lazarus Concordance, to stop the Demons from Hell from Destroying his Home Land. Joshua's task is thus clear: he must locate the Demons, destroy all forces mobilized to attack them, and then destroy Hell itself to end the threat that he poses to the Lost Land once and for all. In the process, he must defeat Hell's armies and acquire powerful weapons. But He's not alone: He's joined by Tal-Set, The Turok from Turok 1, to Aid in his quest.


by Raffine52

Download Link!jZMlnKzI!irZP-EIMfThBbwO1Ugu42dsmFO2CywCqc39j3miwVrk

Edited Build Version

=The Add-ons=
Remastered Icons

Remastered Sound Replacement
(Edited Build Version is highly recommended)

Adon's Pickup Sounds Addon



Ascension Addon
Coming Soon

Multiplayer Weapons Addon!vU1hXA7Q!DYbXYrJ-3DoybW_7VWIb9ZqfHsubtdEScXmBgi7GbFc
Edited Build Version

Coming Soon

Screenshot Preview

:nuke: NUCLEAR UPDATE :nuke:

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:treasure:     :treasure:
by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.8
Looks like Raffine is making yet another Turok Weapon Mod for Doom and this time is from the first game "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter"

So you all saw it coming, Huh? Because he got Burn Wounds from 1997, And Because he want to see D64 VS TK1, And Because Other TK1 Guns needed some love, Here it is.

Turok 1 Guns in Doom is a Doom Mod that he Started on February 7 2018, And it is a Work in Progress.

"The mantle has been passed. You've become Protector of the Earth. You are now Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.
Make demons extinct. Again!"

The Goal of this Mod is to Port over much Of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter into Doom as best as he could. A few Weapons will not be like the Original in terms of it's Firing Modes. And Since Doom has MP, You can have a Deathmatch Match with the TK1 Guns.


Download Link!GJ81gQyY!K5Sr5eB74cLs202ySbOLR6vNY-wBOMiuRGfbmco-Gb8

Edited Build Version

=The Add-ons=
The N64/Remastered Sound Replacement Addon

Alpha Weapons in Doom Add-on!bFEnhK6C!vUBqj2xiYMyeMRelyA73XiNNMnpJf1Kaohf16z5tKbI
=Edited Build Version=
Coming Soon

Video Preview

Screenshot Preview

Note that these screenshots are not finalized


Guns in Doom
by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.9

It seems that there is another Rage Wars Doom Mod and this was made by the same guy that made both Turok 2 Multiplayer Guns in Doom and Turok 3 Guns in Doom, Raffine52.

Ever wonder what it be like if Turok: Rage Wars is more than just an FPS Arena?' And so, he started working on it.

The Goal of this Mod is to Port over much Of Turok: Rage Wars into Doom as best as he could, And it will Include Sprites from The Planned Turok Doom: True Rage Wars Mod. However, A few Weapons will not be like the Original in terms of it's Firing Modes, And Alt Fires will not be included in the Release Version until Later. 'You must relive the challenge of your ancestors and survive The RAGE WARS... Again!'


Since time began, Turok has maintained the balance between good and evil with the Light Burden. A vessel that holds the power of creation. Now, fierce wars are fought for control. You must prove yourself worthy to wield the Light Burden. You must relive the challenge of your ancestors and survive The RAGE WARS... Again.


Download Link!jRtA3ACT!8vZGvUQ3pctrumF5SQu1AluX4pSl8M0pznGemlkG_7w

Edited Build Version

=The Add-ons=
The V1.0-V1.3 Damage Rates Addon!HNdH1IZJ!5uKQcHLjAwXOg7lmMEUm-cgeQ1SmYV2Abo80e6_ajMs

Multiplayer Version Addon
Coming Soon

=Weapon Spawn Percentages=
Bullet Weapons
Explosive Weapons
Energy Weapons
Support Weapons

Chainsaw Variants
Bullet Weapons 255%
Explosive Weapons 175%
Energy Weapons 150%
Cerebral Bore 100%
Easter Egg Weapons 1%

Pistol Variants
Mag 60 255%

Shotgun Variants
Mag 60 255%, Shotgun 150%

Super Shotgun Variants
Shotgun 255%

Chaingun Variants
Assault Rifle 255%, Minigun 175%

Minigun Variants
Minigun 255%

Rocket Launcher Variants
Scorpion 255%, Grenades 200%, Napalm Gel 175%

Grenade Launcher Variants
Grenades 255%, Napalm Gel 200%

Plasma Gun Variants
Inflator 255%, Emaciator 255%, Freeze Gun 255%, Tek Crossbow 255%, Plasma Rifle 175%, Flare Gun 150%, Chestburster 50%

Railgun Variants
Plasma Rifle 255%, Flare Gun 180%, Chestburster 100%

BFG9000 Variants
Alt Fire Modification Kit 255% (V1.6). Cerebral Bore 100%

BFG10K Variants
Cerebral Bore 255%

Video Preview

Screenshot Preview

Note that these screenshots are not finalized

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"Damn. Those Campaigner Army bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride."

This sound mod for Turok 1 Weapons features the sounds from Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem 64.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


by Raffine52
Current Version: 1.9

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Guns in Doom is a Doom Mod that he started on November 12, 2017, But No Work was done on it Until November 18, 2017 Is where he started Working on it. Free from a Game where you can beat it in 3 Hours and full of Bugs, The TK3 Guns comes to Doom, Where they can Enjoy Kicking Ass without the Glitches Ruining their Fun.

The Reason why he started it is because Turok 3: SOO Had the 2nd Best Choice of Weapons, Only Behind Turok 2: SOE, But he was upset when he couldn't find any Doom Mods that has Turok 3 Weapons Ported in, Because The Game Was so Short that he Beaten it in Three Hours While he was having fun with The RPG, Fireswarm and Others, And Because Turok 3's MP looked like crap in terms of graphics since the Weapons Keep their Low-Res Models even in Single Player Mode with Bots (Which had no excuse when even Turok: Rage Wars didn't do this And even with 2-4 Players Playing, The Weapons keep their High-Res Models but with Simple Animations and No Hands). So That's why he is planning to Fix that and Port over Almost all of Turok 3's Arsenal into Doom, Of course!

The Goal of this Mod is to Port over much Of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion into Doom, Which Includes Weapons, Items and Health Packs. However, Just like Turok 2 MP Guns in Doom Mod that he is still working on, A few Weapons will not be like the Original in terms of it's Firing Modes. Unlike that Mod, There will be some Weapons that would not be added into the Mod, So The Razor Wind and PSG Will not be added. The Sniper Rifle will also use it's own Ammo due to how powerful it was in TK3 (Uses AR Ammo, and If you make your Shots count, You can destroy pretty much any Enemy in the Game), But However he will release a Addon that Changes it back to Use Rifle Ammo Again.

Joseph and Danielle's Gameplay from Turok 3 Will not be ported over, So Joshua Fireseed's Gameplay Will be used. So the Player Sounds will be like:

Male: SWAT
Female: Lost One
Other: Joshua Fireseed (Turok 2)

Also Unlike Turok 2 MP Guns to Doom Mod, he will Release The Mod With Half of the Weapons Missing, And In the Later Updates, The Missing Weapons will be Re-added back in. Here's the Think List.


Blade (Fist)
Tomahawk (Chainsaw, 256 Chance)
Vampire Gun (Chainsaw, 120 Chance)
Bow (Starting)
Pistol (Shotgun, 256 Chance)
Shotgun (Super Shotgun, 120 Chance)
Assault Rifle (Chaingun)
Grenade Launcher (Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle (Until Shredder's Added in) )
Bore (BFG9000)

V1.1: Danielle Update

Tek Bow (Shotgun, 20 Chance)
Mag 60 (Shotgun, 40 Chance)
Fireswarm (SSG, 100 Chance)
Firestorm Cannon (Chaingun, 40 Chance, Minigun)
RPG (Rocket Launcher, 100 Chance)
Cerebral Burst (BFG9000, 50 Chance)

V1.2: Joseph Update

Storm Bow (Shotgun, 20 Chance)
Silenced Pistol (Shotgun, 40 Chance)
Shredder (SSG, 100 Chance, Plasma Rifle)
Sniper Rifle (Chaingun, 30 Chance, Railgun)
Napalm Cannon (Rocket Launcher, 100 Chance)
Cerebral Possessor (BFG9000, 50 Chance)

Buffed the Mag 60's Firing Rate Once More.
Bow and Tek Bow can now fire their Arrows without needing a Full Pull: However the Arrows go by their half the Normal Speed.
The PSG Now has it's own Ammo Pool.
Silenced Pistol Now has it's Firing Rate buffed a little bit.
Fixed the Bore Ammo Pickups being called Cores.
Fixed up one of Spear's Animations.
Bow and HP Drainer's Pick up Sprites are Updated.
Fixed PSG's Kill Messages.

Edited Build Version

=The Add-ons=
As for the Two Weapons that are Removed from the Final Version of Turok 3, Which are the Harpoon Gun and Plasma Rifle, They will be in a Addon Called 'Turok3RemovedGunsRestored.pk3'. Here are the Plans for these Two.

Harpoon Gun: Can hold 50 Harpoons, Uses the Turok 2 SP Model, and Acts the same as Before.
Plasma Rifle: Also the same as before (Uses the Rage Wars Model that was Seen in Beta Screenshots of the game) But Fires Blue Lasers instead of Green. However, There will be a Addon for that as well that Gives it a Different Appearance that was seen in a Beta Screenshot.

Both of the Weapons Use their own Ammo.!Wd1QySQQ!g2RJemN9fSPAJexBzexbxV31b7dHQG2lvtdfsIjzYSA
Damage Type Edit Version
The Plasma Rifle give a DamageType Plasma (Brutal Doom)

MP Weapons Addon
This Addon Replaces all of the Weapon Sprites that are used in T3 Guns In Doom with their Multiplayer Counterparts. It also makes some changes into the
Mod as well: Only the Multiplayer Health And Ammo Pickups will spawn, Ammo Limits are Like Turok 3 Multiplayer, Guns will come in MP Style Weapon Pickup Models, And You start with the Pistol
instead of the Bow, with No Mag 60 or Silenced Pistol with you. It also Changes the Firing Rate of the weapons as well: Sniper Rifle and RPG Are the
ones you can note the Most.


Edited Build Version
Coming Soon

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